In Preperation For Halo 4

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The Beginning


Halo is one of the best games on the market today. This is not just my opinion but is the opinion of many other publishers. I had the amazing opportunity to go to E3 and see its release; I was there two years before to see the Halo Reach announcement as well. The game has changed the lines of how a story is told in an epic standalone series.



Halo: Combat Evolved and 2

We can go back to Halo 1 and its intricate layering of story within a solely single player game. Then we go to Halo 2, the game that made the Xbox a go to console for multiplayer. This game made gamers cheer, laugh, cry, and throw their controllers at the TV after the last mission time and time again. The multiplayer literally made the Xbox even more of a competitor on the front lines of the gaming market. I remember blood gulch being changed in many different ways, especially in the form where the warthog was changed to a destructible object. Just, go watch the upgrade red vs. blue video, it is hilarious.



Halo 3 was….

Anyway Halo 3 came along and strut its stuff across the runway and ended up falling face first on the sparkling floor. They did an amazing job at reskining the game, but missed out on the mystery element that Reach had attained. To me, I feel that they simply spit-shined the engine and threw it towards halo fans for the quick buck and ran. To me this was a saddening sight from Bungie. The addition of small bubble shields and a mongoose just didn’t do it for me.


Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

Now moving onto Halo: ODST; this game hit that mysterious mystery element right on the nose. Most people may think that taking your shields and armor away was a dumb idea, and to them I say, well I can’t actually say for obvious reasons. Anyway again, ODST drew you into a story that was breathtaking in so many ways. If we go back over my previous articles you will see me rant on about how important sound is in gaming. Walking down the side alley of the great city of New Mombasa crouched trying not to get your rear end handed to you by a brute that can throw you half way across the world is terrifyingly perfect. This game was put out there for the gamers like me.



The Wars of Halo

Next is Halo Wars; this game as a very big jump outside of Halo’s comfort zone. A first person shooter converted to a fly over strategy game?  Very big strides in very different directions Halo. This game had brilliant cut scenes that made gamers who didn’t even like that genre play through the game. Now we run into Halo Reach; the game that changed Halo Multiplayer for the better. The mystery element that I mentioned before was added by the simply addition of assassination kills. That small not so insignificant addition made gamers say that there was more to gaming than just sniper camping all game.



That Mystery Element

This mystery element that I keep talking about is change. Change is something that no one likes in their world. A major gameplay change, not just a small tweak, is what makes being a gamer is all about. These past paragraphs have been telling you things about Halo that you may or not have already known, however I hope that you will go back and look at these games in a different light. Now, I believe that it is time that I go hug my copy of Halo 4 and hit the start button. Good luck gamers, and have fun!




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Bioshock: Infinite and its Epicness

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The New Trailer

Bioshock: Infinite is brilliant. If you haven’t gone over and seen the new trailer, head over to IGN’s site at and check it out. This minute long trailer puts our game industry into perfect perspective for the rest of the world. From the first moment of an opening monologue to the last part of the woman throwing you a shotgun, this piece of film should change how people see our industry that we work in.




Let’s start out with analyzing the opening to this video; we find the main character on a boat. He pulls out this box, opens it and inside is a pistol along with a group of other trinkets. This plays a vital role to the teasing of the Bioshock enthusiasts and what this game holds for the people who flipped over tables through the second installment of the series. So for example I had a college roommate who desperately hated Bioshock 2. This man simply said that he had an emotional connection to the development of this game; he followed the writers, producers, and even the directors of the game. So when I inquired to him about this game….. he had nothing. However that is a perfect point. The second game didn’t do it for him; and in response to all the negative comments released by all the followers of Bioshock, the producers came out and said that they believe that Bioshock 2 should have been 1.5.



Back to the Matter at Hand…

Now, back to the subject at hand, Bioshock’s ad showed us it was raining, giving us the illusion that at the time it was sad and gloomy for the main character. Immediately after that scene we see a brightly lit town in the sky; giving a rising hope feeling to the viewer. Now the following scenes engage our imagination and show us a group of shots that bring out the child like qualities in us all; a beach, a performance area, a night town, a horse drawn carriage, a scientific area and so on. Immediately we get thrown into a twisting flux of wind and free fall with the woman in the game, giving us a mixed feeling of scared emotion. Next scene comes along and we are shown the pistol from the first shot of the trailer where we assume that we changed our perspective about killing the woman and have changed sides. The next scenes are a collection of images that are not worth speculating on since we as the gamer have no context.




So this trailer simply blew my mind to say the least. From the shotgun getting thrown to you, to the flesh of your hands being melted off, this trailer shows people that video games have an immense cinematic value to the one investing in the world; I am of course talking about money and time. In conclusion to this tangent filled article, go watch the trailer, and let us know what you think on our Facebook page! Thanks Gamers



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Good Things do Happen….Sometimes

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The Things That Gamers Have to Look Forward to


Focusing on the positive things that Developers do is always a hard job to do. I can think of ten games off the top of my head that I can pull a terrible piece off of and complain about it for an hour or two individually. That is why after going over my past couple of articles I now realize that a negative mind is never a happy one. So I’m going to switch the tempo around and actually congratulate a couple of games and hardware providers for a change. So let’s start off at the game developers; more specifically Infinity Ward.



Game Engines and so on…

These guys have been punching away at the gamer's wallets with the same game engine for quite some time. Most of us, including me agree that this is a bad move; but let’s look at this from another perspective. Don’t fix what aint broke. This saying has been around for a very long time; however it still applies to a game engine. One of the developers for Black Ops II was interviewed and he threw this saying at the reader and honestly I was appalled. I consistently ran back and forth throwing my arms into the air but then after going to GameStop’s website, I quickly saw that Black Ops II has now become the most pre-ordered game in history. Now that is saying something. Now gamers, you may think that this is bogus, or maybe you agree, yet don’t forget that gaming is in fact a business.



The Casual Gamer

I talked about how the casual gamer is taking over, and yes that is true, however game developers see this and change our beloved games in order to make a better sales quarter. Don’t forget though, they are still trying to keep us hardcore gamers by letting us unlock the super hardcore modes. So don’t give up hope for any of the game developers that are letting us down; they can still pick up their game with a little more programming. So we are now moving forward to the hardware developers.



Alienware….is There a Recurring Theme?

Last week I ranted on about how Alienware has been taken over by Dell, and that is of course true. However it all remains to be seen in the coming years if they pick up the ball that has rolled into the dark corner of the garage where that nasty looking spider is hiding, and every time you walk over there to check it out it winks at you and you run away. Yes that was elaborate for a reason. Anyway, Alienware has outstanding hardware, if you have the money. Their hardware is now supporting gamers to swap out the GPU or CPU on your own; that is simply unheard of! So I must say Alienware, bravo to you I this realm.



Gaming Consoles

So on my last topic for the day; I will touch on the gaming consoles that I hate so very much. Yes I have also ranted on about how Microsoft and Sony have been slacking; yet it is true that once again, gaming is a business. Microsoft has been playing the "play with your family card", Nintendo has launched their new console and Sony has been saying "look at us with our slimmer console!" So this whole time each company has been saying look at us for a long time now. However gamers are now wiser and are getting tired of the same games with different skins slapped on. So now Sony has led Game Informants to believe that they are going to announce the PS4 at E3, and Microsoft seems to be following suite with all the “leaks” that have been thrown around. So in an epic conclusion, I have to say that the game developer, the hardware manufacturers, and the console developers have been slacking, yet it may come out to our advantage. More power, more games, and better equipment to boot. This is going to be a crazy CES and E3 people. So my ast piece will go to saying thank you everybody who has been supporting gamers; and as for the coming projects, good luck and God's speed.




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The Bad, The Worse and Good Stuff Too

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Alienware and Their…Just Terrible Issues


Alienware is a very interesting company. If you know who they are then I’m sure you hold some form of disdain towards their high prices or their terrible customer service. Of course I am here to poke at them and try to get a response, however I am also here to point you towards one or two of their systems and possibly one or two other companies in the meantime. Now, Alienware was really the first company to sell gaming laptops for a high price in the first place. They said, “hey, no one else is trying this, so why not us?” Quite honestly they were right on the money; their systems were five grand for a top of the line product ten years ago, and the same goes for the systems they are selling now.


Alienware and Dell


This is where I start being negative; you see Alienware was bought out about ten years ago by Dell. Dell is a powerhouse system destroyer simply for they, well let’s just say this; their computer literally catch on fire. Of course now they have (hopefully) fixed that problem. Now getting bought out isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you see this increased their budget exponentially! They could actually advertise and expand; giving more and more people the opportunity to give every gamer a chance to put a gaming pc in their hands. This all but turned sour about three years ago when Alienware started having its big wigs replaced by Dell servicemen. Thoughts of how they could take more money rather than keep customers returning were something that they swept out the door.



The All Mighty Area-51


One year ago the company had a system called the Area-51 desktop. This thing was outstanding; it had fins and lights and just screamed “I’m better than you” to the world. I should know since I owned one, but that is the point of it all isn’t it? However nine months ago Dell passed on the note to stop producing the system and strip it from there site. So we find ourselves at a very interesting impasse for Alienware; to desktop or not to desktop? Well guess what? They chose to shoot themselves in the foot. Yep, they stripped the beast and replaced it with a console sized piece of…. I’m sorry; I get emotional about Alienware sometimes.



Now here Comes the X51

The X51 was their way of trying to bring PC gaming to the world; even after the world was throwing their money at Alienware saying that we could bear their bad customer service for a kick butt system. Listen, I could go on and on about how terrible Alienware is; in fact I will when we start our podcast! Anyway again, I believe they can save themselves with their laptops alone, because their laptops are still pretty awesome. Chassis alone are enough for me to hand them my wallet and give them my Credit card number in order to get my hands on any one of their systems. Let’s take a look really quick on the positive side of Alienware.



The Bad, The More Bad and The Good?

The M11x was not that bad of an idea; you see I own one now and every once in a while ill pull it out, dust it off, update windows, and put it back into the dusty corner. Why you may ask, well because I have a Razor blade with double the performance; that is why. And honestly that is probably why they discontinued it. The M14x isn’t that bad of an idea either, the gpu is a bit lacking for a computer that is supposed to compete with the 15 inches in the world but that is fine. And what’s with the one fan port? Ugh, anyway again, I then turn my gaze towards their M17x. This piece of machinery is simply beautiful in design. The chassis with the dual fan ports and the Gpu that goes all the way up to GTX 680 and AMD 7970? Perfect to say the least. And last but certainly not least is the M18x, which quite honestly is what I have dreams about every night.



Every one?!


I owned every one of Alienware laptops and this one was the monster of a laptop that everyone wants. SLI/Crossfire GPU’s and overclocked i7’s? Are you kidding me that is so awesome! And then you look at the price tag; immediately you close the tab and go back to doing the work you should have been doing in the first place. This is exactly how PC gaming has been for the past ten years simply because of Alienware jacking up the prices. Now that isn’t that big of a fiasco since they are a business. I guess I’m just saying it sucks that that business is DELL. Listen Dell, I only have one major issue with you now that you have cleaned up most of your act, and that one issue is your customer service.


Customer Service


Every time I have an issue, you pull the warranty card, the Issue number, lie to your customer, the anything card, and hang up on me after being on hold for an hour and a half. Once you take a look at you’re CS, then I will sing your praises. This whole article has been about how Alienware can bring customers back. So in short, bring back the Area-51 and get off your high horse before you fall off and land in the pile of mud that you are sinking into. Good luck and I can’t wait to throw more of my money at you and your absolutely gorgeous laptops.



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Just Who is the Casual Gamer?

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Gamers are Dumb? But I'm a Gamer?!


So now we go back to the game developers and their views on how the casual gamer thinks. No I’m not going to go on about the amounts of stupidity that the almighty game developers think that gamers have, at least not for a while. Let’s look at Resident Evil 4 to Resident Evil 5. RE4 was developed so that the gamer would have to actually play the game and become emotionally engaged with the story and game mechanics of the story. When you have a giant Indiana Johnes boulders running behind you, you need to wave you’re had like you were seeing Mickey Mouse for the first time at Disneyland.

Pay Attention to what?


You had to pay attention to the storyline and dialog so you wouldn’t miss any extra ammo or jewels so that you wouldn’t die 50 times over the course of ten minutes. Then we fast forward to Resident Evil 5; this game was not bad engine wise, in fact it was brilliant! However, why did we go from pitchfork wielding zombies to guys on motorcycles doing backflips and actively using AK-47’s? When and where did this memo go out that I missed out on? I have a friend who loves Leon so much, I sometimes scoot away from him when he comes on screen due to arm flailing; and he feels exactly the same. In fact I sure that he is going to immediately call me and yell at me for saying that there were zombies in the fourth game. But anyway, the fifth game was great mechanically but, look at how often they say “Chris Chris! You need to go over to that lever and bla bla bla.” Listen, I'm not saying that all gamers are stupid, just the ones that…wow am i on thin ice or what? The ones I'm talking about are the ones in the photo below.



Reeeesident Evvvvil Fooooooooouuur……..


In RE4 you maybe had one piece of advice for every hour or two. Or how about jewel finding? That was all inn RE4 and a little in RE5. But none that I’ve played through RE6; there is not a single instance that you see a shiny object on the ceiling, bookshelf, or in cupboard. The game was extremely dumbed down for the “casual gamer.” And I only have one question, why!? Why would you destroy everything that is RE and throw all the great small things? I don’t have an answer to this specific issue, I only have complaints.



I thought game is be?


It is hard for me to play a game, look at a piece of hardware, or open a box of software and not be critical. I do these things to try to give the developers of these things a way to defend their decisions and make up for their quite frankly, stupid decisions. Look at Mass Effect 3; people hated the left or right needing, so they added like 6 more to entertain the stupid in the world and everyone forgot about it. I personally was laughing out loud when I turned around and shot the kid in the face and….. Well I’ll let you figure out the rest on your own. I’m not one to spoil the end of a game. Anyway, again, go out and play RE4, 5 and 6 and tell me that I am wrong, please. I love the Resident Evil series, and I hope that it launches on the new upcoming consoles.




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Claptrap and Minion!!!

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Borderland 2 Wahoo!


It seems that a big part of the gamer populous hasn’t noticed the recent Borderland 2 release. So I am here to throw a little light on that subject. Borderlands was an outstanding game; they put a gamer in what looked like a pencil drawn world with three others with a difficulty rating that seemed to be stuck on high.


Worlds are Fun…

This game did an outstanding job at involving the gamer in a world that kept saying “no there is no story” and right when you turn around they smack you over the head with claptrap and say just kidding! To understand what I am saying, go to steam and download the demo. So we move onto Borderlands 2 where the people behind the engine design simply said, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” and moved on. So from there I opened the game and was surprised that the game looked like I was jumping into a comic book.


Comics? Isn't that Reading….

I took a couple of minutes trying to decide which character I closest resembled since I usually play with two other individuals and they are, how to say this lightly, possessive jerks. Anyway, I played the first level which gives you an array of hilarious comments from claptrap, a pistol and a few enemies to fight in the first five minutes. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for you; however be aware that I expect you to go at least play the demo after reading this whole article. Listen, I could go on about specifics of the game, but I believe that game reviews are what drive a gamer to buy a game; after spoiling 60% of the game during the review!

Demo are is be free?

Go download the demo or buy the game, because I believe that after the first hour that this game is worth investing in. the funny comments, the intricate story, the comic book engine, and the games sound all point to a great game. Claptrap it up people!


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Resident Evil and so on….


How many people think that Resident Evil is an awesome game? Well, it doesn’t matter because this article is all about it. In all seriousness this franchise has caught up a section of the gamer populous; and the media around us has realized this and has all but thrown their kitchen sink onto this freight train to the piles of money at the end of the track. Resident evil was really the first group of games that threw the average gamer into a brain eating, flesh rotting, and of course George Romero directed franchise.


Where did they come from?

If you are reading this article then I assume that you have no idea who this man is, however I will enlighten you. He directed a movie called “The Night of the Living Dead.” This movie changed the way that horror was created. The movie showed the American populous how the dead coming back to life, or even the grave driven zombies could shake down any wall, blow through any rain of bullets, and even crawl with their legless bodies closer towards your fears. Anyway, back to the original point; Resident Evil. This particular franchise is launching their sixth installment on the major consoles tomorrow morning and I myself am vibrating the bolts out of my chair. However if you go back to the history of this long epic of a game they have made over 20 different installments.


The Aiming System

So this goes back to the ups and downs between the games change in dynamic gameplay and the classic no run and gun attitude that they always place on the gamer. I will always go back to the thought of Resident evil 4 and having to run away, reload, aim, shoot, rinse and repeat of the game. Now, we have Resident Evil 6 which will forever change the way that this game is played simply because they are adding a single feature which will forever change the face of going into a hoard of flesh crazed zombies. Let’s of course forget Halo, Cod and the other hundreds of games that already do this. Resident evil is changing their gaming controls for the first time in a long time which to me is a very big deal. It isn’t enough to make gamers around the world freak out, but it is enough to make them get excited over a very small part of a new game.


Resident Evil 6 Demo

I played the demo which got my hopes pretty high for the hour and a half that they allowed me to play around with it, and honestly, it was pretty awesome. Chris’ storyline was epic, Leon’s was epic, and of course Jake’s was epic as well; this all keeps going around the best part of the Resident Evil franchise…. Zombies! Let’s remember the best parts of that train I talked about before; Left 4 Dead was great, COD Zombies was outstanding, and most of the other big names were just as great. So this all goes to how amazing the idea of the zombie has been tweaked ever so slightly by the writers of Resident Evil. The first four main titles were pretty awesome, when RE5 comes along thinking that they can change it to an “infection” and that now they can ride dirt bikes and pull triggers while reloading a rifle. Come on writers; have you really run out of ideas already?


Come on Developers….. Zombies Using Guns?

All I can say about this next game is that they have left most of the barrel rolling dirt bikes out, and have explained more of the gun usage by the “zombies”. This is all I will say about the upcoming game mostly because I have touched on a bunch of issues that most of you have already known. The aiming issue, the over smart zombies, the dirt bikes and so on. So in conclusion to all of this, I have to say that Resident Evil has its story arc set towards an epic climax, yet we never know with Umbrella corporation, now do we?


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Guild Wars 2 vs Wow!?

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Guild Wars 2 vs World of Warcraft


Ok so here we are, the launch day of the new WoW expansion. I have been sitting here in the back of the office listening to how people think that Guild Wars 2 is better than Wow. Honestly, I am indifferent. Through my gameplay I care about graphics and gameplay, and yet I believe that those two haven’t met since Crysis 1.



My Favorite Game?

Think back to your favorite game, whether it is Cod, Battlefield, Command and Conquer or whatever game that you are thinking of; does it have mind-blowing graphics like Crysis, or the gameplay that made transitions smoother? I assume not. So for me, I look towards those two for guidance. No, look at WoW, it is filled with quests and dungeons to run through and entertain you for hundreds of hours. However the same goes for Guild Wars 2. So now let’s look at graphics; I’m not even going to debate this point since Guild Wars 2 has WoW beat by a land slide. So let’s go to items, equal again.



Lists are Fun

If you go down the list the only thing that has a leg up on one another is the graphics quality. Now let’s take my own personal opinion out of the equation for once; what do you care about? The reason I ask is because if you care about the game as a storyline then you have already made your choice. Once again, if you look at a game based on its facts as I did, then you should pick Guild Wars.


MMORPG’s are very specific to the gamer that they are targeting. When I came onto the GamerDNA team, I felt that everyone in the office played either WoW or GW2. However personally I would rather play a Halo 4 Beta or anything related to that.  This article was about how people differentiate WoW and GW2, and personally, I believe that the only difference is the graphical properties. So go out and frolic with the pandas or destroy worlds in GW2. Have fun!

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