The anatomy of an auto-entry

Posted by archiveDNA on Thursday May 22, 2008.

We are rolling out some new features in the GamerDNA beta… some of this is technology based on what we did at 360voice, but ultimately much broader in scope. The idea is that being in a gaming community is about sharing stories… however not everyone is a “blogger”… For those of you out there skilled with the written word, possibly channeling the greatest poetic bards of ancient times, telling stories comes easy. For others, they need a bit of a prompt… something to remind them about what happened a few days ago… or perhaps something basic that will allow their friends to start the conversation and ask for more details.

This is what auto-blogging is… it is there to get you started with the basic information.

For some people this is enough, for others, they have a lot more to say. Our auto-blogging engine is meant to allow for this.

Currently all auto-entries dump into your Gaming experiences. This may change in the future, but for now that is where they live. The first auto-entry is running off of Xfire data. If you are a member of GuildCafe/GamerDNA and you put your XFire username in the AKA section of your profile, and if it is set to friends only or public, you will get an auto-entry each day. Xfire is just the start… there are many other platform and game specific feeds which will get this treatment, giving you an effortless way to capture and share your gaming with your friends.

Let’s take a look at a well executed entry, by one of our own on the team, QforQ:

Anatomy of a feed

This auto-entry has three distinct sections:

  1. The title, which contains some basic information
  2. The auto-entry
  3. The embellishment.

The Title

Title example

The title contains simple information about the date of the entry, who it is for, but also has space for your current mood and any game or guild you want to associate this entry with. When the entry is first generated, the mood is neutral and no game or guild is specified. When you edit the entry to put in an embellishment, you can change these values. You don’t have to embellish… but you certainly can to fill out the details!

The auto-entry (the bot)

There are two pieces to this… the first is a narrative. Narratives are fun because it allows for conversational statements that are easy to share with others. Our philosophy is that each narrative should begin with a celebration of gaming… the fact that you played games at all is a great thing! We are all gamers… we love games… so why not state it in a fun way? If you see something you enjoy, send it to a friend! If you have suggestions for other sayings, email them in! We plan to increase the narrative as we find more interesting milestones to commemorate… like the day you crossed 100 days of play in World of Warcraft… or the first day you played a new title!

The second piece is a stat roll-up which will tell you some things that you might not have known, or things that are hard for you to know about yourself if you aren’t tracking your gaming every day. Over time, this section will grow as well to deliver more information about your gaming trends.

The embellishment

This is where you add your flavor! The narrative can only tell you what happened… it can’t convey the details of it… so get creative! Remember, filling this out creates a timeless, findable, linkable moment in your gaming. Share it with your friends! Subscribe to the RSS feeds of their experiences so you can follow along with what they are doing just as they can follow you!

As always we are open to comments… and we plan to expand this into many other areas. We hope you are intrigued and will help us refine it going forward!

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