My Xbox Is So Emo

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday May 27, 2008.

No, really:

I could easily use the editing features to explain that I set up the blog more than a week before I actually purchased an Xbox. But I’m way too entertained by the despair of my console.

In other news… boy howdy, I SUCK at console controllers. At one point, my better half attempted to explain how to properly use the controller. This is somewhat like trying to teach my beagle how to build model rockets by speaking to her in Cambodian. Anyway, it hit me that I was getting a taste of how my mate feels when I try to explain MMO mechanics.

We at GamerDNA are all about building bridges between consoles and PCs, and I will get started with my bridge building just as soon as I learn to use my thumbs for something besides hitting the space bar.

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