Anatomy of an Xbox feed

Posted by archiveDNA on Wednesday May 28, 2008.

It was only a matter of time (being that I come from 360voice) that we would start importing Xbox Live activity into your gaming profile. We also changed around the automatic entries a bit… and will continue to evolve them. Here is one of mine:

It has many of the same elements that we explained before, but a few little tweaks…

  1. We are now calling out the primary changing metric in HUGE text for all to see… for Xbox it is gamer score, for XFire it is time.
  2. Underneath that we are doing the roll-up of stats so it is easy to see what contributes to that over all metric.
  3. The auto-narrative comes from the gamerDNA bot for all content…so that it is clear where it is coming from.
  4. The gamerDNA bot talks addresses you directly in the entry. That way we can ask questions and you can feel compelled to respond.
  5. The embellishment that you can add to any entry appears underneath, properly called out and referencing the above comment.
  6. If you are logged in and you view your profile, there is a call-to-action to add an embellishment to your item. This link launches the DNA panel.

A few things you will see in the short term:

  1. We will be separating out your manual stories and the automatic generated activity. On your profile it will be easy to see which is which and flip back and forth. This will prevent the activity from taking over fun manual stories that you put in your profile.
  2. We are still playing with the terminology of the actual content… experiences is morphing into “stories” and “activity” to properly explain what they are. You will see this reflected in other areas of the beta site as well.

Keep the feed back coming!

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