The aftermath

Posted by archiveDNA on Wednesday Jun 11, 2008.

I just wanted to chime in and let everyone know that we are aware of a few issues following the cut over to the new site.

  1. Guild event scheduling is hurting
    We have a known bug that is making the scheduling of guild events not function correctly. Something is causing the dates to change after submitting them. We are working to track down the issue. It turned into a bigger snare than we had thought it would be, but we are getting there.
  2. Browser support
    Unfortunately, our support for Internet Explorer 6.0 is degrading as we move forward. This is mainly because all of us use Firefox 2, and IE 7 for development… and we double check in Safari. So outside of those three browsers, We are a small team and we simply don’t have the resources to test all pages and functionality in every browser. We will be continuing to work to improve support in some areas and making the site more friendly to as many browsers as possible, but using the latest version of your browser will always help!
  3. Profile page appearing too wide
    Speaking of browsers, in Firefox 3 RC, Safari, and Opera 9.x the profile page, member home, and game pages are stretching beyond the screen width. This is due to the picture strip at the top of those pages not behaving the rules of layout! We are aware and working on a fix.
  4. Performance
    We have seen complaints about site performance and will be continuing to tweak servers and pages to get things running smoothly. From our side things seem to be running fairly well with a few moments of weirdness. We are looking into the weirdness.
  5. Login issues
    A few people have reported that they are getting logged out of the site at random times… or that they are unable to log in. We are investigating this as well, but it is hard to recreate so the going is slow.
  6. Search Engine
    Our site search engine is still turned off as we look at higher performing alternatives. The one we were using throughout our closed beta up and died when we went live with it. But we will raise it from the dead as soon as possible.

We understand some of you are upset with the bugs and we are doing everything we can to get them understood, fixed and deployed. We are doing another build today to get a few fixes in and will continue to do builds and hot fixes all week as we track things down.

That is it for now! A special thanks to everyone sending in positive feedback too… we dig that… keeps us smiling over here when the flood of bugs becomes unbearable! Everyone at gamerDNA is a gamer… and just wants to build a fun service and community that we ourselves find compelling. With all of your help submitting bugs and being patient, we will get there!

Any comments can be sent through the Feedback & Support form.

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  • Drakiis

    all Bartle tags are not working and there does not seem to be a place to find them on the beta version of the site

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