Warhammer Online Signature Generator

Posted by archiveDNA on Sunday Sep 21, 2008.

Today we are excited to launch our Warhammer Online signature generator.  Warhammer Online players now have the ability to create dynamic signatures that display live up to date character data based on the North American Warhammer Online RealmWAR character page.

Here are examples of our two signatures, one for Order and one for Destruction.

Warhammer Online Signature Generator

Warhammer Online Signature Generator

How you can get your own free Warhammer Online Signature:

  1. Sign up for (if you do not already have an account)
  2. Sign in to gamerDNA and go to the following link Warhammer Online Signature Generator
  3. Put in your character name and server name for that character and click submit.
  4. Now you have your signature with the provided HTML and BB Code so that you can instantly use it as a signature anywhere!

*Note* We currently do not support European Warhammer Online servers due to the fact that a European RealmWAR website has not be created by Electronic Arts/GOA.  If/When a website is created by the publisher that publishes this data we will support European players ASAP *Note*

Edit: We now support European Servers!

All our Warhammer Online signatures display your character name, your class, rank, reknown rank, server name and guild name (if applicable).  This is all done for free for all members of gamerDNA without the need to download any client that watches your gaming.  Just plug in your character name and server name and you’re ready to go!

Finally, don’t forget that you can win one of five 60-day free game time cards for Warhammer Online if you take part in our Warhammer Online contest that ends this Sunday.  All you have to do to win is add Warhammer Online to your profile or play WAR via Xfire, add a screenshot or experience to your profile.  For all the details check out our Warhammer Online contest announcement.

Check back in the near future for some more very exciting announcements for Warhammer Online players as well as more contests.  Make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed or our email notifcation so you can know as soon as anyone else does!

If you have any problems with the Warhammer Online signature generator please fill out our support form

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  • Lutian

    This is great guys! I appreciate the effort to facilitate the WAR community.

  • Zel

    Very cool! Nice work guys. =)

  • anon

    It doesn’t work, I just get the default sig.

  • Dainton

    It works now, but it puts the wrong guild into the sig.

  • Belabor

    Why is there a Skull on the Destruction background? That should be on the Empire characters…

  • Dainton

    Sam, it doesn’t seem as though the guild problem has been fixed.

  • senraven

    these look great. do you guys have a way of doing WoW sigs as well?

  • kwispel

    I was trying to meke a signature, before i noticed it was only for the USA.
    I hope soon it is possible for Euro servers also.

  • Dainton

    Sam, are there any plans to implement any sort of customization to the signatures?

  • Lackdo

    The sig is not showing the correct side i am on. It is saying im on order when I am destruction.

  • Villlefort

    looks great but it shows me as Order and everything on the right size is all together.

  • phluux

    Yeah, not working for me either. Shows me as Order, and also displays these funky blocks across where the server is.

  • Villlefort

    ty its working great! going to show it off to my guildmates now muahaha!

  • Krondar

    When will the generator work for EU servers?

  • Frederich

    My character (Frederich on Marienburg) doesn’t have the good guild name.. it as the guild name of anothr Frederich on another server!!!

  • Miniminion

    For those of you inquiring about a WOW sig generator, has one that should suffice for anyone. I like it anywho…

  • Tezcat can now make signatures for Europe. Is it possible for you now? (Doesn’t at the mo)

  • Tezcat

    Europe now has Realm War pages. Any ETA on the sig generator?

  • kwispel

    Great, i maded a signature now for Europe . But i wonder where i need to look now to find back my signature , afther loging out from this site.

  • Leahc

    Nice work! I really love the sig generator, I have a problem though.
    When there is foreign chars, like Ääöû, in the names then it can’t find the toon data.

    Any special way to type in the charcode or something to solve this problem?

    @Kwispel –> When you made your sig there was some HTML code shown, you have to insert that code in a forum signature, or in a homepage of some sort, to view it again.

  • Leahc

    No help available for the foreign letters?

    If anyone got an idea how to fix it, then please leave a message here … please :)

  • ethereal-wolf

    can we get a lotro sig generator?

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