GamerDNA launches custom group signatures

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday Oct 21, 2008.

This weeks build introduced a number of enhancements, and one of the big features that we just rolled out is our dynamic guild signature system. Now you and your clan, guild, or group members can have a customized signature that let’s everybody know about your group on gamerDNA. Here’s an example from gamerDNA’s own group – Team gamerDNA:


To get started on using these group signatures, have your group leader choose the signature layout by clicking the Settings link and then clicking onto the signatures tab, pictured below:


Then, the leader can customize the dynamic signatures to your liking:


Once your leader has picked the appropriate theme, you can click on the Settings link on your group home page and start using your signature!


If you have any questions about the custom signatures, or anything in general, please contact us! Want to get started with hosting your own group? Check out our free group hosting!

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  • Dodo

    Needs a bug fix… Kinship name doesn’t support single quotes!

    Imagine can be used for SQL injection too :|


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