Warhammer Signatures Now Available for European Players!

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday Nov 18, 2008.

You may remember when we announced our Warhammer Online signature generator for anyone on RealmWAR in North America. Well, good news – with the launch of the European RealmWAR site, gamerDNA now supports European Servers and players! That’s right, so all of you who felt left out when we rolled out the signatures can now show off their faction, rank, renown, and guild anywhere on the internet. Here’s how to get your own signature:

  1. Sign up for (if you do not already have an account)
  2. Sign in to gamerDNA and go to the following link Warhammer Online Signature Generator
  3. Put in your character name and server name for that character and click submit.
  4. Now you have your signature with the provided HTML and BB Code so that you can instantly use it as a signature anywhere!

That’s it! If you have any questions please feel free to contact gamerDNA support.

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