December 1st Release Notes (WoW Achievements)

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday Dec 2, 2008.

We have a few cool things going in this week. Here are the highlights:

  • We are launching a Child’s Play charity this week. You can donate to this awesome charity, take the Decades of Influence Quiz, and showcase the signatures for your community of choice. The community with the most signature displays wins! Best part, if you already are using the signature image, it will auto-change over to the Child’s Play version at your request so you can start competing instantly! We will post more about this in a separate entry.
  • We are now tracking achievements for World of Warcraft. The last 5 achievements earned will cycle through on your signatures! We get the last 5 achievements earned each day.
  • The WoW signatures now have the loot colored appropriately.

Here are some examples of the signatures with achievements:

Check out the rest of the build items below.

General site enhancements/changes

  • Added a new member event called "character achievement" for putting achievements in WoW signatures.
  • Landing Pages built for Child’s Play Sponsors.
  • All WoW item capture is now fully functioning for all valid main characters. We still have to surface the data directly on the character interface and clear out the imported items from the old system.
  • Repaired some css/style issues with search results.
  • Fixed an issue where the login prompt was not refreshing correctly in some cases.
  • Added new character class options for Lord of the Rings Online
  • Made some performance tweaks to profile pages.
  • Made performance improvements to quiz landing pages.
  • Continued progress on the clean up and templates required to transition away from the gamerDNA panel. Additional layouts and templates to speed this process along.
  • Made some performance tweaks to players pages.
  • Fixed a small bug in the voting widget for submitting news items into our system.
  • Cleaned up data related to Atlantica Online
  • Fixed a typo on the players page.
  • Fixed a broken link in the guild directory that was pointing at guild recruiting.
  • Fixed header links on game page to be more readable against the background.
  • Changed the non-member header for discovering games to be aware of the number of games you added and offer different messages depending on the state.
  • Fixed an issue where member avatar images were appearing too large in some sections of the site.
  • Fixed an issue where the trait counter when adding traits to a game would sometimes appear twice if you clicked traits too fast.
  • Corrected an issue where the database was preventing WoW characters from being pulled correctly from the armory.

Group hosting enhancements/changes

  • The group records now use a game ID instead of a game name. Should clear up some lingering issues
  • Groups now have hit counters under the covers. Next step, group popularity leaderboard!
  • Fixed some linking issues to forum and announcement posts. They should now take the user to the places they would expect to go.
  • Repaired a ton of issues related to bugs trying to enable recruiting in the group sites. Most of this was data issues around missing game IDs. All fixed and cleaned up.
  • Fixed an issue where the charter wasn’t displaying for some guilds.
  • Replaced Access Violation messages with much nicer messages throughout the group sites.
  • Repaired issues where group theme styles were colliding with nav drop downs.
  • Corrected a css bug with the crossfire theme to make the buttons easier to see.

Member profile enhancements/changes

  • Added a link to quick links drop down in the top nav for adding a character.
  • Put in a "You’re friends" button on the member profile page. This was missing when the header changed over to the new version.
  • Changed game list on profile page to use game box art where available.
  • Made some formatting changes to WoW signatures to emphasize the character name.
  • Fixed a small display issue on the character page.
  • Fixed some buttons on the member profile page to have the proper text.
  • Fixed issue where you could invite the same person as a friend twice.
  • Updated links off the character edit page to point to the new non-panel version of the form.
  • Due to size constraints, and because we aren’t specifically asking users to identify their platforms, we are going to limit the platform output to relevant platforms at the moment. Such as: xbox360, ps3, wii, pc, mac, mobile, nintendo ds, psp
  • Removed site visit notifications from your activity feed because it was too spammy.
  • Changed profile edit character links to point to the new character editing interface.
  • Fixed a bug in the respect button on the user profile page that was showing respect was given when it was not.
  • Cleaned up the CSS on the character page.
  • Fixed some over flow issues with email addresses when they appear in the AKA column of the member profile.

 Feel free to post any comments to this entry!

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