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Posted by archiveDNA on Monday Dec 8, 2008.

Every year gamers come together and decide to give back during the holiday season through the Child’s Play Charity.  For the past five years gamers have raised millions of dollars for children all over the world that find themselves in Children’s Hospitals for the holidays.  Through the help of thousands of donations of video games, consoles, accessories, etc, these children have a brighter holiday season.

This year and Child’s Play Charity have teamed up to help bring some cheer to children across the world.  You can help out too, all you have to do is join one of your favorite communities on the web by taking a fun quiz and sharing your virtual badge!

How to get involved:

  1. Pick your community that you would like to represent from the list below
  2. Take the gamerDNA Decades of Influence Quiz from the community page
  3. Get your virtual badge and post it all over the web on your blog, your favorite forums, your Myspace page, etc

Communities(Click their Name/Link):

ZAM Network

SixApart Media





Elitist Jerks

Gaming Angels

Pirates of the Burning Sea


Married Gamers

Strategy Wiki


By taking the quiz you’re representing your community in a contest to raise money for charity. After you take the quiz you’re given a badge which you’re encouraged to share on your blog page, on other social networks and forums, etc.  The community with the most badge views at the end of the month wins!  The winning community gets to choose a Children’s Hospital that gamerDNA will give six Nintendo DSs and games to!

So please, help out the kids this year and have some fun by telling the world what kind of gamer you are!

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  • Anonymous

    Very good initiative and I’m very happy to hear that more kids will be ahppier because of charity. I work with a donate used cars campaign. It raises a lot of money and lots of money can help lots of people.

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