December 15th Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Wednesday Dec 17, 2008.

In my best Fallout 3, Three Dog impersonation voice: "Hello Children!"

This week’s release notes are pretty large because we ended up holding things over from last week. We are in the process of building out a gamer identity system using OpenID for our Alliance members. This requires our site to be up 100% of the time… which means it can’t go down… even for upgrades! So, we tested that by doing a full build last Monday without a site outage… so I bet you didn’t even notice!

Our biggest recent feature is a new Music Quiz. It helps you showcase what type of music gamer you are, whether you play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Your results come with a custom sig:

Check out the rest of the release notes.

General Site Changes/Enhancements

  • Rolling out a new Music quiz! Check it out! Give it a go. You could be a Rock Star, a studio musician, solo artist, or lead musician.
  • The RSS Experiences import has been removed from the system. We know that for some users this was a popular feature, but it never worked correctly… and was a huge drain on resources as it crunched through a large number of invalid feeds. We are also in the process of revamping how stories work in the system and how they get attached to content. As we improve the system, RSS importing doesn’t really make sense and was never a core part of the product… so we wave good bye.
  • Added a warning about our lack of IE6 support. If you hit the site in IE6, you will get a dismissible warning at the top of the page.
  • When you add a game, add the traits, and recieve a list of similar titles, it now filters out games already in your profile.
  • Added tons of new Child’s Play charity partners!
  • Made edits to the HTML and CSS files for OpenID cobranding
  • Removed duplicate image files from our code base which helps with maintenance.
  • Cleaned up the type ahead styles.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing duplicate traits to be attached to games. The bug is fixed and the duplicates merged.
  • Corrected a spelling issue with the Decades of Influence quiz signature that has been there since July! :)
  • Fixed an issue where avatars were not appearing on certain sub-profile pages.
  • Fixed an issue where if a game is not found, the resulting page contained broken images of the wrong size.
  • Increased the results that show in the type ahead drop down for games. Also fixed an issue with the use of apostrophes in games.
  • Added the proper classes to City of Heroes and Villians.
  • Fixed an issue in the discovery system where some missing attributes was causing an error in some rare cases.
  • Double checked that leading hyphens are not allowed in usernames and guild names.
  • Corrected some consistency issues with our game and release data.
  • Fixed some wrapping issues when a username/group is not found at a certain URL.
  • Cleaned up some CSS structure on the member homepage to make it cleaner in preparation for some changes.
  • Updated character classes for Warhammer to include new classes so the signatures recognize them correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where submitting the registration form with a birth date of 1900 was not working. The date has been limited to1920 or later.
  • Built out the templates for rendering the quiz content in widget form. Soon you can put gamerDNA quizzes on your own sites!
  • Added new javascript validation to the OpenID plug in to validate the username and password for the partner site to prevent an error situation that would break the OpenID protocol.
  • Added shout boxes to the Child’s Play sponsor pages.
  • Added a new help page about adding traits to games.
  • Fixed some IE7 issues related to getting signature embed code.
  • Fixed an issue where a page with an anchor on the end # was causing the login box to not behave properly.
  • The Watchlist stopped showing updates from friends for awhile. This has been fixed.
  • Repaired an issue where in some cases, a user’s dates on when they added friends would get over written with today’s date. The data is not recoverable unfortunately… but the error should no longer occur.
  • Swapped out the background images on the quiz landing pages to be the correct ones for each quiz.
  • Made some significant enhancements to the efficiency of the WoW character puller. There was a situation with other jobs blocking the way characters are pulled that has been resolved.
  • Changed the IRC link in the navigation to be "Chat Room" to try and enforce that it isn’t a support chat room, just a community chat room.
  • Fixed some text size issues when using bullet lists in the forum.
  • Fixed a crash that was happening when trying to view a user profile from the forum.

Member Profile Changes/Enhancements

  • The fame number has been added to the member profile. (albeit small) we will be reinforcing this later in a more powerful way.
  • Adding a game no causes it to appear in RECENT GAMES in your profile header. There has been some confusion about that. Recent games in your member profile header only run off Steam, XFire or Xbox 360 games that are played. Enter your AKA to have your gaming captured on those platforms. We will be supporting the ability to enter manual game play events for non-supported systems soon.
  • You can now upload images of your character on the same page that you add the character instead of having to upload the image first and then select it from a drop down.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some character pages to crash.
  • Fixed an IE7 bug where the profile header quote was overflowing the size of the box.
  • We were incorrectly showing signatures for non-main World of Warcraft characters. We only pull dynamically for mains. The display of the badges for non-mains was causing confusion and has been removed.
  • Fixed a bug where the game type ahead wasn’t working on the DNA panel when you were launching the panel from within a profile section.
  • Made some improvements in the stability of the game data capture. We were having issues with Xbox games getting captured each day and properly imported into our system. It should be working a lot better now.
  • Repaired a broken page that was pointing at the wrong location for a LastFM feed.
  • Pulling the latest twitter entry was failing for some users. Repaired.
  • Fixed an issue where the challenge pop-up on the member home page was not closing in IE7.
  • Games listed in the panel now only display games liked or anticipating. If you mark them as disliked they properly disappear from your profile.
  • Fixed an issue where the member email was included in the friend request. For privacy reasons it is not suppose to be that way.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing WoW sig embed links from showing up.
  • Added a help page to explain how the steam ID should work.

Group Hosting Changes/Enhancements

  • Cleaned up duplicate .js files in the guild hosting that were contributing to too many calls.
  • There is now a display for newest member AND newest applicant on the guild hosting info gadget.
  • IFRAME tags are allowed in guild hosting to help embed leaderboards and other widgets.
  • Removed some incorrect formatting from the guild forums that was causing the text to get cut off in IE7 on some themes.
  • Fixed a bug where members of a group were not showing on the directory profile pages.
  • Fixed an issue where editing an event was resetting the date, confusing the user. This now behaves properly.
  • There were some display issues with users pasting content from MS Word into the rich editor on group sites. The editor will now strip MSO tags.
  • Added validation to the guild custom pages to prevent blank content and blank titles which was contributing to user confusion.
  • Fixed some missing fonts on the load balance servers that was preventing guild logos from working.
  • Fixed a broken query that was throwing an error when trying to view game events.
  • Repaired an issue with style collision in the Shaiya theme.
  • Special character support in group rosters has been extended.
  • Fixed some missing files and errors that were appearing when loading the guild pages.
  • Fixed an issue where stories were displaying in guilds when deleted. Also stories that were deleted were still linkable via search engines and old links. These cases are now handled.
  • If a thread is locked in a group forum, the button to edit it will no longer display.
  • Repaired an issue that was preventing uses from adding games with certain names to their guild pages.
  • Fixed some incorrect ordered-list styles on the guild recruiting gadgets.

So there it is… a pretty long list of features, changes, and bug fixes. A lot of bug fixes actually… most of them due to a hurried conversion over to a much more robust system design that allows us to have better up-time and support more traffic. Yay for progress!

As always, feel free to leave comments on this blog post, or join us in the forums.


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