gamerDNA Member Newsletter Issue #1

Posted by archiveDNA on Friday Jan 9, 2009.

Greetings and Happy New Years gamerDNA community!

Last year brought a lot of great things to gamerDNA and we’re hoping to continue that trend in 2009.  In the coming weeks and months you can expect the same kind of dedication to new features and polish that you saw from gamerDNA in 2008.

To kick things off right in 2009 we decided to start the gamerDNA Member Newsletter.  Each month we will feature news and information for the gamerDNA community that we hope you enjoy.    

At the gamerDNA offices the latest games are always the hottest topics.  It’s pretty clear some serious gaming was had over the holiday break…some might say a little bit *too* serious…

Wormy gets in to character with the gamerDNA office Frostmourne replica and some armor

While many games were discussed, looks like one of Wormy’s favorite games of the 2008 was the World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King.  Do you have a favorite game of 2008?  Share your choice of Game of the Year for 2008 on our forums!

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Wrap up

gamerDNA Member Spotlight
Each gamerDNA Member Newsletter will feature a new ‘Member Spotlight’, a chance for gamerDNA to give thanks back to a great member of the community.    So this will be a chance to get recognized for; welcoming new members, doing awesome things with gamerDNA APIs, or perhaps just being a great guild/clan leader on gamerDNA.  Many things will go into consideration when choosing a Spotlighted Member,  so if you would like to be chosen just make sure you contribute to the community and help make gamerDNA the best community for gamers.  Check back next month to see if you were chosen!

That all said…there can only be one for the month of January!  The votes were cast, ballots were counted, chads were checked to see if they were hanging…and the winner was chosen!

January’s member of the month hails from the Netherlands and goes by the name of Retodon8!  Congrats Retodon8!

We  tracked down Retodon8 before he drove off to celebrate and we were able to ask him a few questions:

-Where in the real world do you live?
I live in the Netherlands.

-How long have you been gaming?

I don’t really remember ever not gaming, so I must’ve been pretty young when I first used a joystick.

-What got you into gaming and what sort of games do you like the most?
The Atari 800 XL is the first system I played on. Some of the most memorable games for me on that platform are: Boulderdash, Cavelord, Lode Runner, and Montezuma’s Revenge.
The fact that I could experience that excitement without even having to leave the house is a concept that struck a chord with me.

When I got a PC I started playing adventure games. I can appreciate a good story, love exploring strange locales, and like to use my head a bit while I’m at it.
Not many classic adventure games are being made any more, so I more or less replace them with action-adventure games.

Perhaps on the opposite end of the spectrum I like first person shooters; Duke Nukem 3D was my favourite game for a long time.

-What brought you to gamerDNA and what do you think is the best feature of the site?
I read a post that mentioned gamerDNA in a gaming related forum. The concept sounded interesting, so I checked it out, and quickly signed up.

What I really like about gamerDNA is that it doesn’t restrict itself to a single game, or genre. It covers all kinds of games and welcomes all kinds of gamers.

The community is filled with friendly people, who can express themselves in a number of different ways on the site.

-Who from the gamerDNA community would you like to meet in person?
I’ve talked with a number of interesting people, and can’t single anyone out. I would like to meet those people as a group.

-What is your favorite game?
I am currently playing Gears of War 2 and Prince of Persia on the Xbox 360. I also discovered a free, old school platformer game for Windows, called Spelunky, which proved to be quite addicting.

-What gaming systems do you own and which is your favorite?

After the Atari, I have always been a PC gamer, and that platform is still my favourite due to its versatility.
The Xbox 360, the first console I ever owned, is my second system.
Given a chance, I won’t hesitate to play on other systems as well.

-What is your gaming New Years Resolution?

In short: play games more.
There are too many games I started, paused, and simply didn’t get back to due to newer games coming out. There is also a bunch of older games I collected from bargain bins which I haven’t even touched.
I have to admit between work, sleep, and other real life issues, sometimes the internet is just a little too distracting.

Thanks Retodon8!

Make sure you check back for the next gamerDNA Member Newsletter to see if you were chosen for our next Member Spotlight!

gamerDNA Feature Spotlight

In the last gamerDNA update for 2008 we released our Customizable Member Header and gamerDNA Card feature. Now you are able to theme the top of your Profile from a selection of about 45 different themes of the latest top games, your favorite next gen console, or even gamerDNA themed.
Custome Profile Header
What makes this update even cooler is we have now rolled out gamerDNA cards, a gamercard which is a mini version of your member profile header. This enables you to share with the world what the latest games were that you played on both Xbox 360 and Xfire. On top of all that, the gamerDNA cards will have the same theme as your member header!
QforQ gamerDNA Card
Once you’re all setup and ready to go hop in our forums to post your new gamerDNA card in our forum thread!

Lord of the Rings: ConquestJanuary 11th: Lord of the Rings: Conquest
gamerDNA Game Page: PC | Xbox 360 | PS3 | DS
The newest Lord of the Rings action game from Pandemic, the studio that most recently brought you Mercenaries 2.
Skate 2
January 20th: Skate 2
gamerDNA Game Page: Xbox 360 | PS3
Follow up to Skate, the game the changed the Skateboarding Game genre and one of the best sports games of 2007.

Each newsletter we will pick some forum threads from our community forum and share them for everyone to check out -
Gaming New Years Resolution – What is your gaming New Years Resolution for 2009?
Favorite Game of All Time!ArtemisArtium – What is your favorite game of all time?

gamerDNA 2008 year in Review at – Our own Sanya Weathers wrote an article looks at how well different MMOG games did in 2008 based on game play data from gamerDNA members.
gamerDNA Announces Child’s Play Community Contest Winner – For the whole month of December gamerDNA ran an event which had web communities competing against each other to raise money for Child’s Play. This week we congratulate Elitist Jerks on their accomplishment of winning the contest and helping us raise over $5,000 for charity!

That wraps it up for this first issue of the gamerDNA Member Newsletter. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in future issues, feedback, or comments on this current issue, please post them in our discussion thread!
Thanks and have a good time gaming!
gamerDNA Community Manager

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  • Hagan

    Great job on the newsletter guys, interesting stuff.

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