January 26th Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday Jan 27, 2009.

Hi all,

It was a fairly small build this week. We are putting in a pretty massive new feature around game activity in the next two weeks and are hard at work on that. We may or may not have a full build next week depending on progress…

There are a few small things in this build… nothing major. We have been getting great comments and feedback via the support form, so keep that coming!

Profile Enhancements/Changes

  • When you edit or delete a game in your game list, the page and sort will now be remembered.
  • The type-ahead when adding a game should no longer cut off on the add-game page.
  • Reworked the game type ahead to make it easier to see longer lists of games, like "Super Mario Bros"
  • Tweaked the watchlist welcome message to correct for some missing buttons and a simplification of the user paths to the profile pages.
  • If you are logged in, there is now a link under the global nav of "games" to "add a game". Also under the "Players" nav is a link to "Manage your DNA"
  • Tweaked the watchlist page in the DNA section to behave correctly.

Group Hosting Enhancements/Changes

  • Guild leaders can now PM all of the guild members. This is accessible from the Members tab in the management screen. The message is sent to the gamerDNA PM inbox. Members do receive an email notification when they receive a PM.
  • Cleaned up the formatting of the member list on the member management page to be more simple and handle different length names in a clearer way.
  • Some members were reporting that at lower resolutions, horizontal scroll bars were not appearing. we fixed the issue blocking them, but it affects a TON of templates. We tried to check them all, but we might have missed some, so if your guild site has an issue, let us know!

General Site Enhancements/Changes

  • In the game directory you can now filter by game name… for example "Halo" and find anything that starts with or contains the string.
  • We have significantly changed how we pull character data for World of Warcraft. When you add a character it is put in a queue. The first update happens in about five minutes. If the armory is not available, it will keep trying to pull until it comes back. Messaging on the character page has been changed to reflect this.
  • All login cookies are now properly remembered for two weeks. If you are still having problems, let us know… but you should stay logged in now in all cases for all browsers.
  • Fixed some ad banners that were overlapping navigation.
  • Users that request deletion are now properly handled by the system.
  • Corrected some formatting and layout issues with buttons on the game pages.
  • There were some issues where new registered members would get logged out if they immediately went to the forums. This has been fixed.
  • Tabula Rasa beta key challenge is out of date. It has been removed and will no longer be recommended.
  • Fixed a bug where banned and deleted users were still able to log in.
  • Changed up the wording on the prompts for traits to be clearer about General Tone.
  • Corrected the game count between the game list, the profile game list, and the profile header.
  • Release dates are always subject to change. however if the release date is in the past, the notice will not appear on that game.

Thanks everyone! See you next week with fun new stuff.

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