February 11th Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Friday Feb 13, 2009.

Hi everyone!

This was a pretty massive build this week for a few reasons. We ended up pushing it to Wednesday to give us a little more time to tweak it out. I will break down the major new features. For screen shots, look after the jump.

  1. A new Game Activity list that takes the latest action from all your friends, and rolls it up into an easy to consume list. Each game played for each friend will only appear once per day. You can add comments and add your own game play activity right from your member-home page.
  2. A mini-game activity calendar is on your member homepage. Use it to quickly add game play to days that you played. Try and make the calendar as green as possible to show how active of a gamer you are.
  3. A game activity calendar is now prominently displayed on every person’s profile page to help you learn how much a person plays, easily browse what they play and find conversations. Look at the icons in the calendar… if it is a controller, it is game play… if it is a quote, it is a blog entry… if you see a "+" in a speech bubble, there are comments there.
  4. You will now receive emails when other people comment on any activity, blog or image that you have commented on. To stop receiving email updates, unsubscribe from the item or tweak your settings in the preferences section.

All existing experiences in the system are currently being converted over to the new system. This will take a few days… also Twitter updates will be impacted during the conversion. We hope to have those back on soon.

We hope these changes make it easier to see what your friends are up to and also engage in conversation with them about gaming. More fun things to come in this area as well. We are also publishing a member newsletter shortly which will go into these changes in more depth. Look for that soon.

All changes:

Member Profile Changes/Enhancements

  • Built out a new Game activity list to replace the watch list. This list shows the activity of all your friends and the conversations that are occurring. If your list looks sparse, add some friends! Invite some to the site! Build out your game activity! We will continue to expand this out with filtering and customization options.
  • Built out a calendar on the profile page to showcase your game activity. The calendar is green on the days that you played via a network or you manually entered game activity or an experience. Make sure to add your activity every day to keep the calendar green!
  • The calendar on the user profile lists out your game activity. it has icons to differentiate between game activity and game posts, as well as ones with comments. Clicking the date pops open a preview of the items on that day.
  • There are three places where the new activities are listed. On your profile sub section called Game Activity, on your personal game page, and on the public game page. All three places use a similar layout with paging.
  • There is a form in your DNA section for adding a new game post and assigning some games… your mood… think of this as your blog post. The cool part is that you can now add multiple games to a post in situations where it covers lots of titles.
  • There is a game activity creation page in your DNA section where you can add new game activity (if you aren’t using the modal). You can select a mood, but also milestones if anything special happens. Any activity can have milestones for: Advanced, Discovered, Achieved, Marathoned, Dominated, Acquired, Dominated, Completed. Make them mean what you want them to mean.
  • At the top of your member home page is a dock that presents you with easy access to creating a new game activity entry or game post. You can also pick from your games to jump start the process.
  • Added a game activity list page to the DNA section. You can filter and sort them to manage them easier.
  • When you enter a comment on any item (activity, image, etc), you are automatically subscribed to that item and will receive all comments on that item until you unsubscribe.
  • Added a new email preferences section to the DNA section. You can control your global email there as well as emailing for comments and bi-weekly friend updates.
  • In any game that you play that is detected on a network, you will now get a game play verified event. This will appear at the bottom of your activity along with any other details like minutes played or gamerscore earned.
  • Cleaned up the numbering on the friends list on the profile page.

Group Hosting Changes/Enhancements

  • Guilds can now display and sort their rosters by the Guild Ranks that they assign.
  • Changed the guild stories to reflect the new activity model.
  • Fixed an issue where the game type-ahead stopped working in some cases in the guild directory pages.

General Site Changes/Enhancements

  • The game database now has every iPhone game in the app store. If you have an iPhone and you play iPhone games, add them to your profile!
  • All games have a list of the most recent activities and posts. Only activities and posts that have contributions will show on the entries. Check out your favorite games and see what people are saying.
  • All game activities and posts have a new comment system. When you add a comment to an activity, you are auto-subscribed to all updates about that activity made by other members. You can unsubscribe to any activity by following the link in the email and clicking the unsubscribe button on the item.
  • There was a bug where openID was forgetting that you had trusted a site. This now works as it should.
  • Corrected a bug in the persistent trust of OpenID that was causing the user to get asked for trust even when the trust was being assumed based on the source of the registration.
  • The old gamerDNA panel has been completely removed from all sections.
  • Created a modal that allows the user to enter game activity from the game activity page directly without leaving and updates the list in real time.
  • Updated game information for all games that we are running promotions with.
  • Built out an email system for tracking clicks on any emails sent by the system.
  • Change over all of the links for the old experiences model to use a 301 redirect to the new model.
  • Changed the link to the Helix API to link directly to the documentation and not the forum.
  • Added a link to the company blog in the forums section.
  • Fixed the z-index issues with the game auto-complete.
  • Corrected some of the links in the member feed to point to the correct locations.
  • Fixed an issue where the counts of profile items in your list and in the header weren’t matching correctly. They should now match up after correcting the logic.
  • If you enter a trait with a trailing or leading space, that is now stripped off.
  • Changed the profile header and signatures to reflect the count of the new activities.
  • Had to flip around the challenge pop up since the columns changed locations.
  • Added a back link to the activity entries.
  • Fixed an issue with box art disappearing.
  • Tweaked discovery to work with iPhone games which do not have an assigned style.
  • Fixed a bug in how we refresh warhammer characters when the user changes their data.
  • Fixed up the pull of information to the user profile page so that it retrieves it more consistently.

I hope everyone enjoys the new changes. We are always interested in your feedback!

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  • WayneMSmith

    Woohoo go me I made it into the release notes. Eat that Dvader83 release notes beat the member newsletter any day!

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