March 10 Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Wednesday Mar 11, 2009.

Hi everyone,

Another solid upgrade to our game pages this week, introducing the ability to APPLY your gamerDNA to a game and see how you match against it. It takes into account all the traits you have used, similar games you have played, and what your friends who have played that game think. We also added mini-reviews and images to the gameCURRENT feeds for your viewing pleasure. Here are some shots:

Matching against a game:

New filters on the game current:

Mini-reviews (250 characters or less) in the gameCURRENT:

Pictures in the gameCURRENT:

More after the jump!

General Site Changes/Enhancements

  • The social proof gadget (code name: pudding) is now live on the game pages. It takes your traits, games, and friends and matches you against a game, giving you a navigation interface for looking at how your interests, gameplay and friends tie you to any game in the system.
  • You can also add/upload an image/or post about a game from the game page.
  • When you browse the gameCURRENT, your filters are remembered across pages.
  • Put up a skin for Age of Conan to advertise their product. We are a business… it happens! :)
  • Started sending emails to people who haven’t visited in awhile to tell them about cool new content.
  • The activity calendar on the member profile page now use AJAX paging… so the page will not flash when you jump to a new month.
  • There is now an RSS feed on every game current page… and if you pick certain filters, the RSS feed will retain those filters so that you can track whatever you like on the gameCurrent.
  • Added new content to the gameCURRENT feeds which now include pics, and mini-reviews.
  • The old image comment system has been replaced by the new image comment system with the email notification. We will be applying a complete new design to the image view page shortly.
  • The Quiz results API now uses caching to prevent performance bottlenecks during high traffic situations.
  • Made changes to the email logging system to properly track the user ID of the recipient, not the userID of the person that made the comment and triggered the email notification.
  • All popCap games have been added to the game database along with assets.
  • Killed off some old code that was still getting called behind the scenes and contributing to performance issues.
  • Cleaned up some IE7 browser formatting issues with the sort and filter bar on the game pages.
  • Cleaned up some spacing issues in the game page headers related to IE7.
  • Finished stripping the DNA Panel code out of some remaining places in the header, lightening the load from all pages in the site.
  • To simplify how we check and display release dates, we centralized the logic into a single place that can easily be called, and changed everywhere in the product we call current release dates.
  • For any game, you can only have one game activity record per day. If you try and create another one, the system will now message you correctly to prevent overwriting and crashing.

Member Profile Changes/Enhancements

  • Removed the offers tab from the member homepage.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing being able to delete games that you attach to a game post.
  • Platforms on the view full details tab needed a formatting fix so that they didn’t wrap.

Guild Hosting Changes/Enhancements

  • Added AKAs to the guild roster if you are displaying the gamerDNA member Roster version.


What to discuss and give feedback on this new update to gamerDNA?  Please hop in our forums and tell us what you think on our patch notes thread here!

Cheers everyone!

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