March 16th Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Wednesday Mar 18, 2009.

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delay on the release notes. Busy times around the office! This release gives us the ability to connect our users with game content. Sure there is the standard "buy" and "rent" options… but we are also addingin "PLAY NOW" options with an array of game providers. As you explore games and come across games that are similar to ones you currently enjoy, there will be opportunities to start playing some of those games immediately either through a demo, trial, or free version.

As gamers, we definitely have one thing in common… that we are always looking for new games to play. Working at gamerDNA that is one thing I have enjoyed is exposure to so many new types of games that I never considered I would like.

We are also working on content partnerships so we can start offering gaming content right along side all of the great conversations and user reviews that are happening.

Here are some of the highlights… the full list of changes after the jump:

Buy.Rent.Play Options:

External Reviews:

Free Ventrilo Hosting for Groups:


General changes/enhancements

  • Actions have been added the the game pages for BUY, RENT, and PLAY. In our mission to offer game content to our users, it is a natural step to add this to the product. We are mainly excited about the ability to PLAY games directly from the site. Look for a major content roll out for this in the coming weeks with exciting partners and automatic game play tracking that feeds into your gamerDNA game activity.
  • The BUY option will give you a list of vendors to select from. In some cases these buy options are a retail box, in other cases they will be digital downloads. Different icons denote the options. There are also "used" options in some cases.
  • For games that you can play immediately, a PLAY NOW options is available. The link will either direct you to a trial you can immediately download and install, or in the cases of a web game, pop up the game in a new window for immediate play. The play now web games are wrapped in gamerDNA chrome which will soon track your game play so that it will be auto reported to your game activity, giving you game play credit on your activity calendar.
  • GameCURRENT feeds now support reviews from external sites. Our first partner in this is Crispy Gamer. If they have done a review, it will appear in the gameCURRENT feed for a game.
  • Reviews render in their own page with the ability to comment on them… along with the ability to page through the reviews.
  • Added the external review to the gameCURRENT as an injection by the gamerDNA bot.
  • Added a collection of banners to various pages. I am sure you noticed… the pressures of being a business!
  • Clean up the cross browser compatibility for the image page.
  • When you click filters in the game list it will save/cookie those filters for your next view making it easy to jump from game page to game page with your filter settings saved.
  • Added a new alliance reach chart for the alliance site.
  • Added a character counter to the game mini-review so you know what 250 characters looks like.
  • Added a character counter to the character comment/description box.
  • Added a character counter to the respect pop up to prevent truncation.
  • Altered some text on the game action bar to have better calls to action for discussing a game or getting recommendations if the game is in your profile.
  • Tracked down an issue that was causing IE7 with flash browsers to crash on some activity pages.
  • When clicking Add a game from anywhere in the site, it was not properly by-passing the type ahead. It should now by pass it making for a better experience.
  • Corrected a number of IE7 issues with the game page and the view full details pop-up pane.
  • Corrected text wrapping on the platform on the game pages.
  • The safari browser was not properly handling cookie deletes when trying to log out. This has been repaired.
  • The game rankings were showing as "rank unknown" for many popular games. This has been corrected.
  • The RSS Feeds for the gameCURRENT were not properly using a unique date causing the entries to repeat. The date has been repaired.

Group hosting changes/enhancements

  • Free Ventrilo hosting is now available to gamerDNA guild hosting members thanks to a partnership with TypeFrag. Everyone who creates a guild account gets 30 free days of ventrilo hosting for up to 25 members. Go to the "Vent" tab in your guild management to activate it. A major credit card is required.
  • Corrected some issues that were preventing users from logging into some guild pages in certain cases.

Member profile changes/enhancements

  • Built a version of the friend update email that will do to visiting members. The data is the same as the friend update for non-visitors with some messaging changes. It will start as OPT-IN for now. Go sign up!
  • The member home calendar now pages without a page refresh.
  • Added a view link to the images list in the DNA section.


As always, we’re interested in your feedback on this new update to gamerDNA.  Please let us know what you think in our Discussion Thread on our forums!


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  • DevsterC

    Thx for the character counters. :-)

  • DavidStrong

    Ah I really do like the buy/rent feature. Seems to make sense : )

  • 1halfelf

    Good luck on the external review portion of the changes. Seems like many of the reviews I used to read faithfully are now owned by the game publishers — just a small conflict of interest there ya’ know!
    Maybe a place to show who owns whatever review site the content is coming from would help. At least then we’ll know when we’re being mind controlled…

  • Retodon8

    I’m not sure where the conflict of interest would lie exactly.
    gamerDNA itself doesn’t review, only its members do.
    Actually individual gDNA staff members do review, but I don’t think that would create a conflict unless developer, publisher, etc. would sponsor them.

    These new, external reviews show the “Crispy Gamer” label quite clearly.
    I’m sure future external reviews by others would be shown the same way.
    Also, unlike gDNA member reviews, the external ones are indented.

    I agree with your sentiment, it really is nice to know where a review is coming from.
    That way you can decide to appoint whatever value you think a review by X or Y is worth.
    I’m just saying that it’s easy enough to distinguish between the two kinds, isn’t it?

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