March 23rd Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday Mar 24, 2009.

Hi everyone,

We are hard at work planning out the next three months of development which involves some pretty large and sweeping changes to many key sections of the site. This week was a little lighter than normal because of all the brain power spent on this endeavor… but we did get a few fun things in:

New filters

We are now offering a more inteligent default filter on game pages called "highlights" which offers up the most recently popular and active content.

Video content from Crispy Gamer

Our friends at Crispy gamer are sending over video content for your favorite games. We will make a few changes this week to make it easier to see this content as well. The Pics and Vids link brings them up.

Play games at gamerDNA

There is a filter on the game directory now for seeing all games you can play immediately. We will be adding hundreds of new games you can play this week. We will of course announce this when they go in.

The full list of changes after the jump!

General Site Changes/Enhancements

  • In order to make finding interesting content easier on game pages, a "highlights" filter is now presented as the default. This will scan through the recent content and pull out the most interesting content to see.
  • Videos now show in the gameCURRENT from our friends at Crispy Gamer.
  • Added a new filter to the game directory that can show you games you can BUY, RENT, or PLAY.
  • Added a button to make the click to match you to games easier to see and therefore CLICK!
  • Reworked the homepage a bit so that the visitor is directed to game pages instead of into the game discovery process.
  • Views do not count against content if itis from the owner. We also no longer count direct refreshes against a piece of content by any user. This will help prevent content gaming.
  • The game matching now looks across platforms for matches, increasing the depth of the game match and creating a better experience.
  • Corrected an issue where the times on the cluster servers were off causing forum posting issues.
  • Game pages now show the ADD GAME link for non-logged in users as a call to action.
  • Fixed an issue where the footer at the bottom of the page was overlapping the last comment on the media view pages.
  • Members can now delete any comments from any of the content they have uploaded. Members can delete any comment they have added to any content.
  • When merging games, certain content items were not properly attaching themselves to the new IDs. This has been repaired.
  • Corrected a small bug in the "next" button for the similar games gadget.
  • Instead of showing a simple "NO FEED ITEMS" message, calls to action will be shown for adding the game, uploading an image, discussing the game, adding activity… essentially calling for contributions in situations where there are none.
  • Fixed a bug where comments on videos, reviews, and images were not properly notifying members of the conversation when new comments were added.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the selection of quiz answers to not properly high light the box you clicked when changing your answer.

Group Hosting Changes/Enhancements

  • Added 728×90 pixel banners to all of the guild pages.
  • Made progress on solving some issues with scroll bars missing on themes. Working on the themes that are affected by this.

Member profile changes/enhancements

  • The member home pix strip now only shows images related to games to cut down on the number of non-relevant personal photos. This entire system is getting a rewrite in the short future, so this is a temp fix.
  • Added new validation around the entry of traits to prevent syntax, and really long traits.
  • When you select to disable all emails from gamerDNA the preferences section will now gray out the other options so it is less confusing about how your selection impacts the other email options.
  • Made the help text in the DNA section easier to read for the instructions and underlined the links to make it clear to see when options are available to click.
  • Blank events were appearing on some game entries. These are now being properly handled and not displayed.

That’s it for now! Next on the list are some pretty massive changes to site navigation to clear up some confusion and simplify how we communicate our product offering.

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