March 30th Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday Mar 31, 2009.

Hi everyone,

Another small build this week with a few enhancements:

You can now browse/view/edit all of your activity from the mini-calendar on your member homepage.

Pictures and videos on game pages have their own filters

We imported over 14,000 images from our friends at Crispy Gamer to populate screen shots and game content.

Check out the full list of changes.

General site changes/enhancements

  • We finished added 750 Kongregate games to the game system. Play some right now! I personally recommend Sonny.
  • Bigpoint games have been added to the system. Go check them out: Seafight, Xblaster, The Pimps, and Dark Orbit.
  • All traits on a game page are now clickable. The click takes you to the game directory with the trait you clicked set as the filter. This is how you can see all games with a specific trait. For instance, here are all games with survival horror.
  • Corrected some data issues with the warhammer online class assignments that were impacting signatures.
  • We added 14,000 screen shots to the game pages thanks to our friends over at Crispy Gamer!
  • Added HTML and bbcode for the large version of a user image, as well as the thumbnail image… perfect for putting them in your game activity or game posts (using an IMG html tag!…secret hint)
  • There are now separate filters in the gameCURRENT for Pics and Vids so you can view them/sort them separately.
  • Videos now have their own tab in the media gadget on every page. This allows you to see the most recent/most popular and most discussed for the video on each game.
  • Added new transparent online/offline/status icons to the forum.
  • When the homepage loads, the cursor is set to focus directly in the type ahead for games.
  • Corrected a bug where some deleted users were still receiving friend update emails.
  • Cleaned up member delete logic to properly remove data from sections where data was being left visible.
  • Fixed some unneeded HTML that was in the embed code for gamerDNA cards.
  • Cleaned up some consistency with the comment systems and how they are displayed throughout the site. They should be more consistent and all share the same layouts now.
  • Corrected an issue where the header of the game page was wrapping incorrectly.
  • Cleaned up some SEO issues on the game pages by removing a duplicate H1 tag.
  • Links in social media that talk about a single game added will link to the game page.

Group changes/enhancements

  • There was a bug in the guild recurring event system which prevented the creation of the next event. The way you create a recurring event is that the next event is not created until you CLOSE the first event. The closing of each event generates the next recurring event.

Profile changes/enhancements

  • The calendar on the member homepage has been improved to be more usable. You can now click any day and view the events on that day, as well as edit them (to add embellishments) or add additional non-captured activity or general game posts.

See you next week!


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