April 6th Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday Apr 7, 2009.

That time of the week again!

We are working on some pretty big changes to the site… changes that will roll out in the next few months. So the over all volume of the weekly builds will be a bit smaller, and focus on bug fixes and small enhancements that we can roll out independently. In the end though, we are driving towards a pretty massive revamp by the end of July. More news on that as it happens, as it will impact almost every area of the site.

In the meatime, some fun features this week:

Nudge your friends!

When you are creating content, or you see interesting content on our site, you can now nudge your friends to view/contribute to it. Nudging brings up a check box to select your friends… they will all receive an email prompt to view the content.

Play games and have them tracked!

If you play games through gamerDNA, your game pay is now tracked and added to your activity. If you close the window (by hitting the X to close) the game play activity will be generated instantly. If you close the tab or window by using your browser, it will take up to 60 seconds for your game session to expire and the activity to appear in your feed.

Looking for games to pay?

Want to try out the new play tracking? You can view them in the Directory.

Here are some recent ones people have played:

Check out the full list of changes this week:

Member Profile Changes/Enhancements

  • Any PLAY NOW events now have game events and activity automatically generated for them. All play now gives you the ability to track what you play by checking a box… when you close the window, a game event that puts up your time played will be created against your profile.
  • We have added the ability to nudge content towards your friend. When you create game activities or post about games, you can nudge your friends to read or contribute. You can also nudge any content towards your friends like screen shots, videos, reviews, etc.
  • There is a new email preference for configuring nudging in your DNA home.
  • Added the nudging to the the modals and non modals for activities and posts.
  • Corrected a broken image on the member profile site user activity feed.

Guild Hosting Changes/Enhancements

  • Cleaned out some duplicate playlist records that were causing duplicate games showing up on guild play lists.

General site Changes/Enhancements

  • After solving a small performance issue, paging has been added back to the game directory after taking it our last friday.
  • Deployed over 100 games from that you can play now!
  • Deployed games from Acclaim that you can play now!
  • The UI for nudging content added to all of content view pages.
  • Added Scott Moore, our new West Coast sales director to the about us page! Welcome Scott to the team!
  • The recent trait gadget on the directory now has clickable traits that bring you to the directory with the clicked trait as the filter.
  • Added some redirects to some old RSS links to direct to the correct resources.
  • Added an admin tool to allow us to remove an image from a game association, as many people like to put personal photos into game feeds to get them distributed to more people.
  • In some cases, if we do a merge and there was a duplicate game in their playing records, some records would be orphaned. This causes some old pages to crash. It is rare, but it is a new case we have to correct for in our merges.
  • Added a call to login or register anywhere we are using a comment block on the content view pages.
  • Corrected some incorrectly linked games that were showing users playing certain games on Xfire as not linked to the correct game titles in our database. This was due to a prior merge that we did on a few titles incorrectly.
  • Corrected an issue where user avatars were wrapping over the comment box in IE7.
  • Added a call to action to login or register next to the comment section on the gameCurrents on game pages.
  • Cleaned up some issues with Warhammer signatures showing the wrong class-based backgrounds.
  • Cleaned up some imported data that was missed for Xbox on 3/23. Only 10% of the records made it in. The other 80% have been imported to fill out the day.
  • Corrected some missing games in our system around episodic titles.

That’s all for now. See you in a few weeks!

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