April 23rd Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Thursday Apr 23, 2009.

Hi Everyone!

This is a pretty big release for gamerDNA… not neccessarily because of what it is in it, but because of the shift in philosophy it represents for the next few months.

You will see the site start to reflect a greater desire to use your gamerDNA to bring you better content. This includes connecting you with people similar to you, allowing you to find and engage in more gaming discussions, and discover new games that you might not know about. The first step in this journey is repositioning the main areas of the site that we want to focus on… these are Games and Players. You will see these featured prominently in our new navigation:

Both the games and players lists will track your most recent views and keep them their for easier access… the GAMES and MEMBERS drop down will also remember your last choice… making it easy to find and jump to various people or games in the site.

There is also a new logged in navigation that gives you faster access to your member home page (with all of your friend activity), your public profile, and your DNA. Click any of these icons to go there.

In addition to clicking the icons, if you hover over HOME, any guilds you belong to on the site will appear, and hovering over DNA gives you quick access to add content to the site.

As many existing members will recognize, there are far fewer links in the nav… but they are all still available as a footer at the bottom of every page:

We also tweaked the DNA home page to clarify the various sections available:


You will now see sections for Broadcast settings (Twitter, Tumblr, FriendFeed) and Quizzes… as they were previously in another spot on the site.

Specifically for broadcasting, we have made some enhancements there as well:

Broadcasts are broken up into Daily and Hourly summaries. Your daily summary is all of your game play activity. this includes automatic data pulled from your networks, but also manual game play you put in to your calendar. There are also hourly site activity summaries for various things you do on

Lastly, we have a new homepage that is showcasing the type of activity we are getting from the community. We will be using this data to bring more interesting content to all users as we roll out some new sections:

Check out the full list of stuff!

General site changes/enhancements

  • Built out the top activity for the homepage. This does engagement rollups, week-to-week change, rolling it all up into a meta score that produces a weighted list of games.
  • Changed the title of the homepage to match the new message: "Discover what’s really happening in the games people are playing and discussing."
  • Built a new homepage (for non-members) with trends about games from genres and top media.
  • Built an entirely new NAV and FOOTER for the website. The purpose of the NAV is to showcase the parts of the site that will be the critical components going forward. We haven’t completed the design revamps on these sections, but games and players are the center of our product and will continue to grow in importance.
  • Added 400 games from IGN’s D2D service to our BUY NOW option. Will be adding 300 more over the coming weeks as they didn’t link up to names automatically.
  • Added Best Buy as a vendor for over 1,500 games.
  • When you pick a drop down in the top nav for members or games, it will remember your settings.
  • Built out a new footer to contain the broad content offered at gamerDNA.
  • Build member profile view logging to track who is viewing what profiles. This will help with fame/popularity calculations and also help drive the navigation.
  • Created a member type ahead to put in the top navigation to make it easier to jump to a member’s page.
  • Rebuilt the type-aheads for games so that multiple ones can exist on one page (like the homepage)
  • Created a Genre calculation (algorithm) to bring out top games based on the meta scores of contributions, page views, discussions, and game play.
  • Fixed a variety of issues with the new navigation to support IE7.
  • Fixed a bug where the subscribe link for discussions on media pages was showing up when logged out. They should only show when logged in.
  • Cleaned up the Message of the Day to be clearer in the new layout.
  • When adding a game that is a web/flash game without a genre or style as a default match, the system will not bring forth similar games in the platform using other data slices.
  • Corrected an issue where new games weren’t having all of their information pulled for iPhone. They are now pulling. We will back populate the content on existing games.
  • Game descriptions were showing some HTML code. We are now properly truncating them when displaying them in summary form to hide the HTML code.
  • The game typeahead has been revamped to run faster when fewer characters are typed. This allows the type ahead to respond better in the first few characters and filter as it gets longer, branching to different logic for longer queries.

Profile changes/enhancements

  • Revamped the layout of the DNA Home page, so that instead of one list, they are broken into sections: Inside your gamerDNA, Your gamerDNA Profile, Your Settings & Preferences
  • Built out a new design for the SHARE page when we moved it to the DNA Home section, and renamed it BROADCAST.
  • The Attitudes section has been removed from the site. They were left over from the GuildCafe site and will be reworked in other ways going forward.
  • The social media feeds now support all the actions you can take on the site, as well as support for STEAM now.
  • Created a new section for Quizzes in DNA home that allows members to find and answer quizzes, as well as easily retrieve their signatures.
  • Built out a new configuration page for broadcasting. Also added in all sorts of new actions that are supported.

Group changes/enhancements

  • The recruiting search engine was broken and never working, so we removed it from the site. You can still recruit via guild applications… but the recruiting search is no longer active. The guild directory is still there and your application requests will display on those pages.
  • Any groups you are a member of, will appear as a drop down under the member home link.
  • Repaired the guild containers to solve some layout issues with the new navigation across a variety of the styles.


Have any thoughts on this new update to gamerDNA?  Please let us know by posting on our forums!

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