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Posted by archiveDNA on Friday Apr 24, 2009.

At gamerDNA we’re quite simply trying to build a community for gamers.  A place for gamers to easily share what they’re playing with their friends, share cool screenshots, a place to join in and find interesting conversations about games, and even a place to discover new games that you’ve never heard of before.  To reflect this desire to bring you better and better content, we’ve made some changes to the site recently (and more are coming in the near future) to help make all these things easier to do and make them happen more often.

In this article I’d like to focus on how you can use gamerDNA as a platform to Start a Conversation about gaming.  There are many ways to do it, both manually and automatic, and we will detail them here.

1.  Creating a Game Post or Game Activity

The first page you see when you go when logged in is a page we call your Member Home.  Your  Member Home is a way to see what all your friends on gamerDNA are playing and what they are talking about, and easily jump in conversations with them.

Here you see what my friends have played recently and the Game Posts that they’ve made, as well as a way that I can add a Game Post or Game Activity myself.

With the "Your Games" drop down (or the Other button), you can easily add a game activity to your gamerDNA.  This enables you to quickly tell everyone at gamerDNA what game you played, when you played it, how the game made you feel, as well as tell everyone what you did in the game via the text box.

Game Activity posts are also automatically created when you add your Xbox Live, Xfire, or Steam information to your profile.  Please go here to add that information to your profile.

If you would like to create a Game Post, which is similar to a blog post and enables you to write at length about any game, you can click the "Create a Post" button.

This will open up the Game Post screen here:

Here you can put in the title of your post, then all the text of your post.  In the post you can share links with your friends, news, write about what you did last night in a game, ask questions of your friends, etc…it’s all up to you!  Below that, you can attach the post to a Game or many Games so that your post shows up on various game pages on gamerDNA, as well as shows your friends what games you’re talking about.  And finally, you can tell everyone how the game made you feel and then nudge all your friends to check out what you posted.

We have also updated the site navigation to make it easy to add a Gameplay event or Game Post at any time on the site.  All you have to do is mouse-over the DNA symbol in the top right corner of your screen and you will see several options drop down (Shown Above).


2.  Nudge all your friends!

Whenever you create any content on gamerDNA, whether it be a game activity/game post or a screenshot..or even when you see someone’s stuff and you think it’s cool…you can always "nudge" your friends to make sure they check it out!

The nudge system allows you to quickly send out emails to all your friends that will tell them to check out what you’re looking at.  This is a great way to get everyone to check out what you just made, or invite everyone over to check out something cool that you found from another community member!


3.  Comment on other community member’s stuff!

Almost everything on gamerDNA is able to be commented on and we actively encourage you to do so!  If you found something cool that a friend did, or maybe you want to chime in on someone’s tale of their epic gaming session last should do it!

All of the comments that are made on things always notify the author of the content via email notification, as well as anyone else who has commented before you.  This is a great way to keep up on the conversations that you have joined at gamerDNA.

Everything that is shown on your Member Home can be commented on right from the page, all you have to do is click on the Comment button.  This opens up a little box where you can type in whatever you want to say, then just click ADD COMMENT to send the comment.

When you’re looking at your member home you will also be able to see some comments from others on your friend’s activities.  This is a great way to keep up on conversations that are happening on the site.

You can also comment on the individual pages for each post/image, as well as see the entire conversation.  Here is a great example of a conversation that is being had in our community around a Game Post.


4.  Find conversations!

gamerDNA is a very active community and people are talking about things all the time, all you have to do is find a conversation to jump in to!  You can do this by going to your Member Homepage, going to your friends’ profiles and checking out their activities on their Game Calendar, or by going to a Game Page (you can view our Game Directory here)


We’ll be adding more and more features to gamerDNA over the coming months, all things that we think will help you keep up with what your friends and the community is doing, and have conversations with other gamers.  Everyone on the gamerDNA Staff is very excited to see how our community jumps in and uses these new features and systems!

We also have a blog post up here, by our Creative Director Sean Duhame which helps explain our new site navigation and even gives you a sneak peek at a new page called the NOW page..a new feature which should help you find even more cool things happening on the site, in real-time!


Sam Houston

gamerDNA Community Manager

Posted in the categories: News, Tips and Tricks


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