GamerDNA Community Newsletter #4

Posted by archiveDNA on Monday May 4, 2009.

Hello gamerDNA!

Another month has gone by, which means it’s time for another gamerDNA Newsletter! This time around we’ll be switching up the name to "gamerDNA Community Newsletter" we think Community is a lot better than "Member". After all, this is a newsletter for the community, right?

Since the last community newsletter gamerDNA has undergone quite a few changes. We’d thought we’d link the update notes below:

Videos from Crispy Gamer AND play games on gamerDNA!

Images from Crispy Gamer, more games to play, and a better gamerDNA Calendar

Nudge your friends!

New gamerDNA Site Navigation, as well as revamps to how you change your gamerDNA settings

Wow…that’s tons of stuff! Luckily we’re not stopping there, we’ve got tons of more stuff coming along the way that we’re all very excited about at gamerDNA. Stay tuned!

Name that Game!

If you haven’t already, make sure you follow gamerDNA on Twitter to receive updates on what we’re doing. We’ve been using it as a great way to share pictures from around the office, such as some of our walls that were decorated by Alphadoque.

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GamerDNA Feature Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Top Conversations on GamerDNA

GamerDNA in the News

Newsletter Wrap-up 


Feature Spotlight

Over the past few weeks, gamerDNA has experienced quite the facelift. Not only have we added a number of new features, we’ve also totally revamped the site navigation. We created some articles on our blog which should help explain the new site navigation, as well as the great ways to start conversations and share your gaming with your friends.

Alphadoque wrote a very in depth article explaining the process that we went through and the choices that we made when we worked on the new site navigation. Not only is this a great read, it also gives a sneak peek at our new NOW page!

New Site Navigation Explanation

QforQ’s article on "How to Start a Conversation on GamerDNA" details out the various ways to share all your gaming activities with your friends. Who knew there were so many great ways to share cool stuff with other gamers and see what they’re up to?

Check out QforQ’s article on How to Start a Conversation on GamerDNA and join in the fun!

Member Spotlight

This month’s member spotlight is a well rounded gamer, with interests in handheld gaming to PC, Xbox 360, and Wii games as well. We’re happy to congratulate Kvitne on being in this month’s Member Spotlight!

We were able to get a couple minutes of Kvitne‘s time and ask him a few questions about his gaming lifestyle and his predictions for this year’s E3 Expo.

-Where in the real world do you live?

I live in Elon, North Carolina. It’s a small town about 20 minutes from Greensboro and an hour from Raleigh.

-How long have you been gaming?

I’ve been gaming for a while. I still remember going over to my friends houses to play Toejam and Earl and the Sonic games on his Genesis. Before that are many fond memories of Mario. Good times indeed.


-What got you into gaming and what sort of games do you like the most?

Sonic the Hedgehog was definitely what first got me into gaming. I’ve been a big fan of his games for a long while. After that it was Pokemon. My parents always thought video games were evil so the first ever game system I owned was a silver Gameboy Pocket that I bought for $10 from a friend along with a broken Pokemon Blue game cartridge that couldn’t save. I still played the heck out of that thing anyway

In terms of games that I like the most, well I always enjoy a good FPS game. I can’t get enough of the Call of Duty franchise or Bioshock. I also like RPGs, Action RPGs, and puzzle games like Professor Layton. Mostly what I look for in a game is a good solid storyline that will keep me interested and some solid gameplay that isn’t too frustrating to get the hang of.


-What brought you to gamerDNA and what do you think is the best feature of the site?

I saw a post about the site a while back on gaming blog Kotaku, the social aspect of the site and the ability to post your gaming activities is definitely my favorite part. I like being able to keep track of what my online friends are playing. It also helps set up game parties with people that I know online exclusively.


-Who from the gamerDNA community would you like to meet in person?

There are a bunch of people that I know from a forum called Sonic Online who I’ve since convinced to join. Meeting them in person would be pretty cool. I’d also like to meet Blamefulgecko, QforQ, and Alphadoque. Who knows? I might like to meet whoever’s reading this. I’m an easy going guy, so add me as a friend!


-What is your favorite game?

That’s a really tough one, there are so many great games out there! I guess I’ll break it down by system. For my 360 I love playing Bioshock. That’s a game where I always know that I’ll have a good time. On my PC it’s gotta be Left 4 Dead. Zombies for the win! On DS it’s a tie between Professor Layton and The World Ends With You. Both are masterpieces. On the Wii, I haven’t gotten a chance to play Madworld yet, so I’ll have to do with No More Heroes. The winner for PS2 would have to be Persona 4. Such an awesome game. Dreamcast would be Sonic Adventure 2. It’s just a bit better than the first one.


-What gaming systems do you own and which is your favorite?

I own a DS, 360, PC, PS2 Wii, and a Dreamcast. My favorite would have to be my 360. It has all my most beloved games on it!


-The E3 Expo is only a matter of weeks away and everyone is excited to hear all of the new announcements that will be made. What would you like to see announced at this year’s E3?

Hmm, well some new additions to current franchises would be great. I don’t have a PS3, but more information about Kingdom Hearts III (maybe a 360 announcement about the game? *nock on wood*) would be awesome. Perhaps an announcement of a Portal 2? That would be just fine with me. I’m also looking forward to new info about Bioshock 2. Most anticipated game this year!

Congrats to Kvitne for being this month’s Member Spotlight! Make sure you stay tuned for May’s Member Spotlight, you may be next!



Top Conversations on GamerDNA

QforQ asked "What games are you excited about this year?" and received over 40 replies

ChangeAgent asked "What MMOs are you going to play next?" and received over 50 replies

Mishy shares their experience with Star Trek Legacy

ChangeAgent asked "Did you play every day in April?" and received almost 20 replies



GamerDNA in the News

Ars Technica sat down with GamerDNA CEO Jon Radoff at GDC and they talked about what gamerDNA is up to these days, how our site works, and gave some insight in to where we’re going in the near future.

Check out Jon’s interview on Ars Technica today!


That wraps it up for this Community Newsletter! Make sure you follow us on Twitter or become a fan of our Facebook Page, they’re both great ways to keep up with what we’re doing in the gamerDNA offices!

If you have any ideas/suggestions, feedback or would like to discuss this Newsletter – Please let us know on the forums!

Thanks a lot, see you next time!

Sam "QforQ" Houston
gamerDNA Community Manager


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