E3 2009 – Announcement of TweetMyGaming

Posted by archiveDNA on Monday Jun 8, 2009.

The annual game industry show, known as E3, has come and gone and wow..there are a TON of games to be excited about this year.  As a gamer I was blown away by the announcements and offerings that the publishers brought to Los Angeles last week…and as the Community Manager of GamerDNA, I was also excited to make an announcement of our own.

The show officially kicked off with the Microsoft Press Conference, which featured over 10 games (which most were exclusive), and some huge celebrities like Paul and Ringo Starr from The Beatles, as well as Steven Spielberg.  As a huge music fan, it was pretty awesome to see the first world reveal of The Beatles: Rock Band…as well as see the two remaining members of The Beatles.  My favorite part of the conference was actually the opening of the show, which featured Harmonix’s amazing opening cinematic for The Beatles: Rock Band.

The "Harmonix House Band", featuring Harmonix’s CEO Alex Rigopulos on drums, playing The Beatles: Rock Band

Some of the other highlights from the conference were the game play footage shown from Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, Halo: ODST, and Modern Warfare 2.

The next day, Tuesday, both Sony and Nintendo had their conferences.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make these…but I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited about Uncharted 2 and God of War III.  Judging from the lines to play God of War III, I think most everyone is excited about it as well.  The game looks beautiful on the PS3, with tons of gore and a lot of action.  Spring of 2010 can’t come fast enough.

There were a lot of games to check out at E3, and we’d like to hear what you are most excited about.  Let us know, "What game are you most excited about from E3 2009?" by posting a comment to QforQ’s game post!

Besides all the excitement of E3 around the game announcements and getting a chance to play the games, GamerDNA was at the trade show to make an announcement of our own.  Last week we announced the launch of TweetMyGaming, a site that tracks all of the gaming conversations on Twitter in real-time, and surfaces the most popular games that are being talked about right now.

On the website you can watch all the game related tweets from Twitter stream in to the site in real-time, see what the top games are on Twitter, or take a look at a particular game’s page on TweetMyGaming and see what people are saying about that game.

Last week I had the pleasure of doing interviews with MTV Multiplayer and Current TV throughout the week about TweetMyGaming, as the site is a great way to see how people are reacting to game announcements and press, in real-time.  You can check out my segments with MTV Multiplayer below:

MTV Multiplayer - TweetMyGaming Day 1 Wrap-Up

MTV Multiplayer – TweetMyGaming Day 2 Wrap-Up

MTV Multiplayer – TweetMyGaming Day 3 Wrap-Up

We created the site as a mash-up between the Twitter API, and the newly launched GamerDNA API, called Helix.  The GamerDNA Helix API is in beta right now, and we’ll be adding more and more to it as time goes by.  Right now, even in it’s beta state, it is quite powerful and gives you access to a large amount of data and features from GamerDNA. To find out more information about the Helix API, please check out our documentation here.

Well that’s a wrap for this year’s E3 for GamerDNA.  We’re very excited about, if you guys have any feedback on it please let us know by posting a comment below!


Sam "QforQ" Houston

GamerDNA Community Manager


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