GamerDNA Townhall #1

Posted by archiveDNA on Sunday Jul 26, 2009.

Earlier this month we asked our community to submit questions for us to answer about  We received quite a few questions, and all of the answers are contained in the video below!


We apologize both for the length (48 mins!) of the video and the blurriness.  Since this is our new video we had some learning to do about what the best way is to do this!  Future videos should be much better quality.

Thank you all for your questions, we really appreciate it!  We plan to do this more in the future, and we continue to take your questions, feedback, ideas and praise on our Feedback page:


Sam Houston

GamerDNA Community Manager

Posted in the categories: Behind the Scenes, Fun Stuff


  • Mr Vista 360

    Nice! You should do more town halls. It is really interesting to see what you all are thinking {Gamer DNA wise} I really enjoyed it. 8^)

  • Mishy

    Nice video

    Just one suggestion make the colume a bit louder had to strain my ears to hear you with max volume on everything

  • RedLynk

    Yay for mobile version of gamerDNA! :D

  • brett_h

    I too, would like to purchase a GamerDNA shirt to show my support!

  • Spencer Luxford

    Brilliant GamerDNA Townhall video! I love it when a company actually values their community and this is the best way, I think, to keep us in the loop! I did not care it was 48 minutes long, I loved watching every minute of it and finding out more about GamerDNA and whats in store for the future! All I need now is for PS3 integration!!! I’m looking forward to the future and looking forward to the next Townhall video!

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