Revised: 9/10/09

Following up our post: “How To: GamerDNA on Twitter and Facebook“, we would like to give a run down on how you can use GamerDNA to automatically keep track of all your gaming on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam and Xfire.  Not only that, but once you enter in all your information from your gaming networks, you can automatically have your gaming updates sent out to Twitter and Facebook!  It really is a beautiful thing.

Are you on GamerDNA?  Make sure you sign up today, it’s super easy!

The process of plugging in your gaming accounts to GamerDNA is quite simple and can be done with just a handful of clicks of the mouse.  Here’s the walkthrough:

1. Head on over to Manage your GamerDNA

In the top navigation for GamerDNA we have some quick profile options in the far right hand side.  There you will see your Home, Profile, and Manage icons.  If you mouse-over the Manage icon you get a variety of quick options, or you can just click on the Manage icon to go to your GamerDNA management page.


2. Add your AKA’s!

The GamerDNA Management page is basically the hub of your gamerDNA…this is the place that you can go to edit everything about your GamerDNA profile and experience.  Every setting that you would need to change or addition that you would want to make to your profile, can all be made from this page.

At GamerDNA we call the names that you have on your gaming networks your “AKAs”, or your Also Known As names.  To add them to your profile, scroll down to the “Your Settings and Preferences” section of the page,  and click on the “Gaming Network Preferences” link.


Now all you have to do is add your gaming names from the different networks that you game on.  GamerDNA currently integrates automatically with Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam and Xfire – so once you add those names, we can automatically update your profile and let all your friends know what you’re playing.  To complete the process of adding a name to your gamerDNA, make sure you click the “Activate” button for the appropriate network that you’re trying to connect to your gamerDNA.


After you’ve added your Xbox Live, PlayStation, Steam, and/or Xfire names – Give GamerDNA a day or two to start picking up all your information and run it through our system.  After that 24-48 hours setup time, we start pulling your gaming information every day and update your profile. This means you can let all your friends know what games you’re playing, what achievements you got, and what days you played – without even updating your profile!

With PlayStation Network we currently only support the display of PSN Trophies, and based on that information we can see what games you have played.  This means gamerDNA can only know that you played a game if you attained a trophy within it.  For more information on this topic, please see our FAQ.

You can add other network names to your profile so that other gamers can see them, and we even have privacy settings so that you can make sure you’re comfortable with who does or doesn’t see your gamer names.  To change what Network IDs (AKAs) show up on your profile on the Bio page, go to the AKA section of “Manage Your GamerDNA”.

When you’re all setup, make sure you head on over and Edit your Broadcast Settings so that all your friends can see what games you are playing these days.  GamerDNA is the best way to automatically update Facebook and Twitter with all your latest Xbox Live, PlayStation Networ, Steam, and Xfire gaming!

If you have any questions on how anything works, please let us know on our Get Satisfaction page.  We’re here to help!

Have fun!

Sam “QforQ” Houston

GamerDNA Community Manager

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  • Gadget

    @Wolf Apparently it does, I managed to see it a while back.

  • KovBal

    Have you considered a Blippr integration? That way every game review should only be written once.
    They have a relatively simple API – wouldn’t need a lot of work to do.

  • Juvenile

    Grrrr why do I get directed to this page when I am trying to make a guild?

  • Josh

    Yes, I’m trying to edit a Game Activity, and anything I click (select box, textfield, whatever) brings me to this page. Whoops, huh? Squash that bug!

  • meh

    i just wanna take the damn quiz lol why do i keep getting send to this damn page O.o

  • Liam

    I’m trying this S out RIGHT NOW.

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