Live GamerDNA Townhall #2 Sept 15th 3pm EST

Posted by archiveDNA on Monday Sep 14, 2009.

We will be broadcasting live the 2nd edition of GamerDNA Townhall tomorrow, Tuesday Sept 15th at 3pm EST.  Last week we asked for your questions, and in this Townhall we plan to address as many as we can for the video.

We will also be recording the video, so if you can’t watch it live – Don’t worry!  We will have video up later in the week for everyone to watch, so if you miss the live broadcast just make sure you stay tuned to our blog for updates on when the video is up for viewing.

To watch the live stream, please click “Continue Reading” below, or go to our uStream page. See you tomorrow at 3pm EST!  (To see what time it is at the GamerDNA offices right now, please check out the Boston page at

Cautionary Disclaimer: We plan to stream the show live in its entirety, but if for some reason our internet drops and the video broadcast stops – there isn’t much we can do.  We *will* have a recording up to watch afterward, though.

Join us in the chatroom below!

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