Sept 14th Release Notes

Posted by archiveDNA on Tuesday Sep 15, 2009.

Hi Everyone!

Now that we have the big launch under our belts, we will be back to more rapid and periodic updates to the product. Here is a full list of the changes this week:

  • Added individual trophy detection and display for PS3 users. Now when you play PS3 games and you get a trophy, it will actually display the name of the trophy and a description of it. You still have to make sure your trophies are synced up to your account by going to the trophy section on your Ps3 dashboard.


  • Added a new profile background called Shooter #1
  • Added sub navigation to the profile button in the upper-right navigation.
  • Increased the loading performance of the member home page by putting the expansion of all gamerCURRENT items behind a loading process. We had issues where really large discussions (300+ comments) were slowing down the intial loading of a member’s home page as well as the NOW page.
  • Cleaned up the game data on a variety of titles.
  • Fixed an issue in the quiz counts that was reading the incorrect number.
  • Made additional performance enhancements to the games gadget on member home.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing you from unsubscribing to various conversations, so that members would still receive alerts.
  • Fixed a bug in the content display that was causing long text strings to not break correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where If you exclude a specific type of alert (say, nudges) from a specific user you would miss alerts from other people.
  • Worked on some issues with trophy counting for PSN.
  • Users can now delete their status. There is a delete link on the display page.


  • Add some buttons to make posts/gameplay/media when you view your own personal game page.
  • Fixed some out-of-date links on the game pages.
  • Fixed the layout of all the static pages on the site to use thenew templates.
  • Xternal Vids and Xternal Images are now visible in the game activity RSS feeds.
  • Added paging to the follower and following modal popups.

Thanks for your support through this site transition. We are excited by all the great usage and participation and are looking forward to our next few releases.

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  • Nathan Palubicki

    I’m sure the Trophies support will appease a lot of people.

  • richard4481

    Im having problems with GamerDNA updating my games played It seems to not update SOCOM : Confrontation I have to manually add it

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