PlayStation Network Trophy tracking on GamerDNA – The Details

Posted by archiveDNA on Wednesday Sep 16, 2009.

GamerDNA supports the PlayStation Network in some interesting ways…with some obvious and others not so obvious.  This blog article will give you all the details on gamerDNA’s support of PSN and how you can set it up on your profile in a few quick steps!

Of course to enjoy all this nifty PSN tracking you have to have a gamerDNA account.  Are you on GamerDNA?  Make sure you sign up today, it’s super easy!

1. Connect your gamerDNA profile with your PlayStation Network ID

The first step to all of this is connecting your GamerDNA profile with your PSN account, so that gamerDNA can automatically track your trophies every day.  Head on over to your Gaming Networks page for your account and activate your PlayStation Network ID with gamerDNA!

Add your Game Networks to your gamerDNA!

For more details on setting up your gamerDNA and PlayStation Network ID (or Xbox Live, Steam and Xfire), please check out our in-depth article on our blog.

2.   Earn a Trophy last night?  GamerDNA automatically picks that up!

GamerDNA automatically tracks your game-play by checking your PSN account every day for new updates.  For PSN in particular, we only track when you have earned a trophy in a game (For more info, check out our FAQ).  When you earn some new trophies, gamerDNA will update your profile with a new Game Activity which includes the number of Trophies attained, as well as the names and icons of the trophies that were earned in the gaming session.

3. GamerDNA automatically adds your PlayStation games to your profile

When you create an account on gamerDNA and go through our Jumpstart Wizard, gamerDNA will automatically pull all the games that you have earned trophies in, and then adds those games to your profile.  After that, gamerDNA tracks your profile every day to see if you have gained new trophies.  If you have earned a trophy in a game that isn’t in your gamerDNA, the game will be automatically added to your profile.

4. GamerDNA updates your Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and Tumblr when you unlock a Trophy

GamerDNA can automatically update your social network accounts with your latest PlayStation Network activity every day.  Head on over to your Broadcast settings to set everything up in just a few seconds!

Example of Facebook Update

Please check out our How-To guide on our blog for more information on connecting gamerDNA to your Facebook or Twitter.

That covers our PlayStation Network integration – If you ever have any questions or feedback, please contact us through our Feedback page.

See you on GamerDNA!

-Sam “QforQ” Houston

GamerDNA Community Manager

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  • Rman5k

    I love that you all have added in the PSN support!

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    like your article. Thanks for the sharing with us.

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