GamerDNA Townhall #2 Video

Posted by archiveDNA on Thursday Sep 17, 2009.

Last week we asked for your questions for the 2nd Edition of the GamerDNA Townhall, and you guys came through big time!  We took all of your questions and answered them in the Townhall that we filmed on Tuesday.  We broke up the Townhall into 10 minute sections, with each video having a theme of questions.

Below are all the videos/segments:

Segment #1 – All about the new content/comment systems

Segment #2 – Questions related to the new gamerDNA Profiles

Segment #3 – Questions about features that we have mentioned/discussed in the past

Segment #4 – Questions and Requests for new Features

Segment #5 – Townhall Wrap Up, with questions about new features, community, and gamerDNA as a business

We appreciate and are thankful for all the questions submitted by the community. We look forward to doing more of these in the future, and we encourage you to stay tuned to our blog for more updates from gamerDNA!


Sam “QforQ” Houston

gamerDNA Community Manager

Posted in the categories: Fun Stuff, News


  • Spencer “LuckyLuxy” Luxford

    Hi guys,
    Just thought I would say thanks for the mention in segment 3 of the Townhall 2 video. Sam QforQ mentioned me as being one of the main PS3/PSN users in the GamerDNA community! Sad I know, but it was very exciting!
    The other thing, Sam mentioned me in the last question in the last segment, segment 5, about buying GamerDNA swag, the only thing is, you called me lucy luxy!! My username is ‘Lucky’ Luxy (LuckyLuxy), I’m a family man! lol :) Lucky because I have always been called that for some reason, and Luxy is short for my surname Luxford, which my Dad always calls me! Just saying! :)
    Finally, any chance of Sam following me now!?! Trapper already does :)
    Cheers Sam and Trapper, keep up the great work.

  • devsterc

    Any thoughts on putting this up as a long mp3 (or other audio) file? Easier to listen to one of those at work rather than hit youtube. Less suspicious to “the man”.

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