There is New Life @ gamerDNA

Posted by Justin Landis, Product Manager on Thursday May 19, 2011.

Hey there! Things have been a bit silent at gamerDNA for quite a while now. Few site updates, little communication, no new features, and far too many bugs and problems. It's been a bumpy road — but the future is bright, and we wanted to take a moment to fill you in what we're doing to make things better.

gamerDNA is now under new management! We have a team that has adopted the site to bring it back to its former glory and then some. We have a list of current bugs/issues and new features we think you'd like to see. You'll be hearing more about our team a bit later on, but we are no strangers to the gaming industry. 
Hopefully, you have already noticed some positive changes that we've been making. Here are the items we'll be focusing on moving forward:
  • 1) Communication with you, the player
  • 2) Game updates & Unification
  • 3) Site Updates & Bug Fixes
  • 4) Enhanced community!
Our first stage in our 'relaunch' is to reach out to you. What are your ideas to make gamerDNA better? What bugs would you want to see us fix first? We've set up some areas to drive this discussion monitored by gamerDNA's PhillipJFry.
We think that gamerDNA is your site, and want to bring you the games and features you want to see. Take a look at our Official Forums (which will get a much needed facelift very soon) where we've set up a new site updates forum, and made the support forum a more visible area.
The second stage is to make sure we have every game that you want. But more than that, we'll be expanding the content of a games page to have more items that we think you'll want (more on that later). Some games have 5 duplicates, which is very lame – so we're fixing that.
The third stage is to fix the site; for example, there are quite a few areas where text cannot be read because of its color.
Lastly, the fourth stage is to revitalize the community. We have some great plans in this area including player-submitted content contests where you can win some very cool stuff. We're also in talks with some other popular gaming companies to become partners to make gamerDNA your gaming hub.
Those items only reflect a fraction of what we have planned, but it's a start. We have a few community positions open for people who are passionate about gamerDNA as we are.
gamerDNA – reborn.

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