Win a Origin PC & $100 Visa Gift Card!

Posted by Teemo, Site Engineer on Friday Jun 17, 2011.

Our friends at Xfire are holding a Video Capture Contest with Codemasters to celebrate the release of Operation Flashpoint: Red River!


gamerDNA is built upon you and the networks you use, so we thought: lots of gamerDNA users have Xfire accounts. What if we gave away something extra for players who use gamerDNA and Xfire!


So, here's your chance to win some very cool Prizes! Xfire is giving away a custom built Origin Gaming PC, and some very cool PC gear to upgrade your rig.


Now, for the details: All you have to do, is use your Xfire account to upload a video of you playing Operation Flashpoint and add the word 'gamerDNA' to either the comment or tags of the video. If you end up winning, and have gamerDNA in your description or tag, you'll win a $100 Visa Gift Card! That's it!


Enter the contest here:

Win a PC, $100.00, and spread the word about gamerDNA!

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