Why is the iPhone becoming a platform? Will it hold the worlds weight?

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Monday Jul 11, 2011.

I think a better question would be what the H E double hockey stick are we expecting? There are whispers in the air speaking of the iPhone's gradual rise to a competitive gaming platform, and all I want to know is why??? There has always been gaming available for phones and the like, I can remember ponging it up with my parent's brick like cave-phone back in the 90's when it was new, and I could remember thinking to myself "this game is stupid on a phone, you can't win it." I then proceeded to put the phone down and pick up a real game deciding at that point that all phones were doomed to be an emergency game system if you were on the verge of dying of absolute boredom. That's why this has my interest so peaked, how come the phone is emerging as a competitor?

I like the direction apple is going though, I mean I don't think anyone has ever done mobile gaming before right? Oh wait gameboys are an ancient reminder that that's been created already. Well what about serious gamers? Do we have any platform for that, or is that where the iPhone will step in? Hold on there is a PSP for that. Where is the iPhone going to make it's stand?


Oh that's right! Low cost minigames. Think one stage out of a Mario Party game.


Hold the phone I said these games are low cost right? Let's say that a new Mario Party 8 game is probably about 52 dollars with tax. Now there are exactly 73 minigames available in Mario Party 8, so let's see here, the cost of one minigame in Mario party is about 70 cents. Now that is granted that Mario Party is only a list of minigames with no motive to play for real. Oh wait there are multiple boards with increasing difficulty and a plot. Dang. So I'm going to estimate that these minigames probably cost something like 50 cents a game. Angry Birds costs about a dollar. Hum.


Well Mario Party 8 isn't portable.


Wait isn't there a Mario Party DS? Oh jeez. Lets check out the cost of this one. A new DS Game usually costs around 36 dollars. So for the sake of argument you are buying this game fresh off the shelf. This game has 74 minigames available, so that means the cost of one game if it was just a list of minigames is exactly 50 cents. However, this game does have substance so I would estimate that one minigame costs about 35 cents, and guess what? This is not the only game that is based around what you minigames. There are more DS titles and PSP titles that are available out there. And overall for a lower cost.


If you were to buy every minigame in Mario Party for the iPhone as prices are currently listed with games like Angry birds, it would cost you 73.26 plus tax.


So go and save yourself some 40 some dollars and buy the minigames for your DS or your PSP. Gaming on a game-system makes sense to me.

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