Daily Game: Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Colonel

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Tuesday Jul 12, 2011.

Well well well, it is time to look into the life of me as a child. What was I playing? Mega Man OF COURSE! I've always been a huge fan of the blue net warrior. From his side scrolling days to his more recent titles, huge fan. The game I have personally enjoyed the most is definitely Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Colonel. To start things off, Colonel looks extremely intense. Like, he is a huge brutal version of Protoman. He wields a sword which attacks up close, and from a distance (think sonic booms.). When you initially start the game, you are taught how to battle, a crisis happens, and you have to find your first boss (Colonel). When you first find him you are really freaking excited to see the guy because he looks like a total beast, but then you have to fight him. Being your first boss he is fairly easy to beat, you may take approximately 20 damage at the most (noobs may die).


Once beaten he blows up in true Megaman fashion, but stops and laughs. As you sit there and think oh crap to yourself, he offers for you to join his team. Seeing as the game is based around him, you naturally accept, and begin adventuring with him on the net. Now this game is different from the others because you have to destroy entire levels of bad guys and cleanse stages of a dark substance before challenging a boss. In addition to this, you are able to control every player on your team. You know what that means right? YOU GET TO PLAY AS COLONEL! In addition to him you also get to play as Knightman, Shadowman, Tomohawkman, Numberman, and Toadman. Getting them to join your team is always a pain, seeing as you have to find them and kill them first. Often times their owners are less than hospitable too.


The entire goal of the game is to overthrow the evil Dr.Wily and his minions (isn't it always?), while cooperating with the rest of the team in a constructive fashion. The gameplay is like really any other Megaman Battle Network game, with the exception of new and rare chips available (Django from Boktai is a useable chip), the use of other characters for mandatory game progression, and the fact that you can have enemies on either side of you and are required to change directions to kill them a lot of the time. Other than that the game is actually a great game as gameboy advance games go. I highly recommend it to anyone as I still enjoy the pants off of it.,

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