A Large Portion of 3G Owners Think They Are 4G

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Wednesday Jul 13, 2011.

A recent study from retrevo shows how a whole third of iPhone users think that they have 4G when in fact Apple doesn't even offer a 4G phone yet. Its not just iPhone owners, Android and BlackBerry users are also suffering the same confusion. The study shows that 24% of tested BlackBerry phone owners believed that they had 4G where just like Apple and 4G phone isn't even supported yet. With all tested Android users 29% of them believed they had 4G when they did not. At least with Android someone guessing could answer right because Android does have available 4G phones.


Its a little startling to see the amount of confusion surrounding the 4G network, the study shows how it could impact the sales of these 4G phones and also shows how the public perceives them. Almost a third of users think that the 4G data plan is too expensive. 40% of iPhone users say that they will buy the next phone even if it does not support 4G this is saying much more than Androids 8% and BlackBerry's 23%.



Retrevo Blog

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