Guild Wars 2: You Don’t Need A Monthly Fee To Be A Good MMO

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Friday Jul 15, 2011.

     The production of Guild Wars 2 is underway and with each update on its progress it looks spectacular and exciting to everyone, RPG fans and MMO fans alike. Guild Wars is known for changing the way MMO's were played and now Guild wars 2 promises to destroy the foundation of the old game and completely change it with all sorts of beautiful and wonderful elements.


     The story of Guild Wars 2 takes place 250 years after the first one, ancient dragons are terrorizing all races and wreaking havoc on the world. The story creates this core theme of all these nations and races working together to prevent a massive catastrophe and in this bring races that were once enemies together. 

     The art in the game itself is really quite magnificent and original. A great example of this is this race of migrating polar bears, who live amongst these massive temple cities build on giant glaciers. These glaciers are covered in sails which move the cities along with the wind, it doesn't get more original and creative than that.


     Arena Net sweetens the experience of gameplay by allowing all characters and classes take virtually any role in the group by simply swapping out weapons and skill sets. This action is hot swappable right in the middle of combat, so if your tank dies with a press of a button your healer can rush into the enemy and hold them off just as your tank did. Having this system is great so you can avoid those annoying pug (pick up groups) situations.



     The game is story driven and very dynamic which gives it a great RPG experience. The game even includes different options for you character's back stories as you create him/her that changes the events that happen in the game and shape how the world reacts to you. Some of the choices include choosing the god that you worship, how your character was raised, the characters skills and his/her professions. Among those backstories you can also choose from 5 different races; the Charr (a feline/loin like race), Humans (human like), Norn (barbarians, mountain people), Asura (Small, smart, engineers), and the Sylvari (elf, tree people).


     Guild Wars 2 has this very dynamic game changes that occur based on the events in the game. Here is a great example of the game's event changes, lets say you were playing a charr and you had a mission that entailed you and your army to build a fort outside of an old city, tormented by violent spirits. So you go in, kill the ghosts and build your fort, from this point you need to defend it. If you succeed you have this fort here and will continue to watch it, if you don't you loose your foothold. Now that we have this fort defended your engineers are building you these cannons and ballistas, if your engineers are protected while they build, your fort is now more powerful against attack and you can even hop in one of these weapons yourself and fight back.

     Dungeons in this game are done much differently compared to other mmo's in that they are not instances and when you start a dungeon you choose from 2 modes. The first mode is called Story mode and in this you go through this very detailed and evoking story about 5 heroes who are kind of brought back together after being apart to continue in their new adventures. The second mode is called the Explorable Mode. This mode is for hardcore players ready for a challenge and in it you replay previous dungeons you have done in story mode but at the beginning you chose from 3 different paths. Each path completely changes the way the dungeon is played and in these dungeons are randomly created events that change with each play through.


     The thing about Arena Net is that they are really determined to bring out an experience that can compete with other mmo's and put out so so much more, all while remaining free to play. The developers say that they want to continue to support the community and that as long as they do their jobs, putting out good expansions and content that people will want to buy, then they will be able to turn a good profit without digging into the players pockets. They also have firm beliefs that micro transactions in the game will not affect gameplay in anyway so that when you pay your 50 dollars for the copy you get the whole game, no gimmicks or scams.


     As far as the release date Collin (a developer at Arena Net) says it will be done when its done, how can you argue with that?



Guild Wars 2 Official Site

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