Lords of Uberdark: An Indie Game In Need

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Monday Jul 18, 2011.


    I just stumbled onto an amazing game called Lords of Uberdark by following posts by Notch (the creator of Minecraft). This game is very similar to Minecraft in the sense of crafting and mining but it adds a new element to the plate. Forgoing Minecraft's blocky style, Uberdark takes a more natural appeal in that more complicated shapes can be crafted then simply blocks.





     A video of Uberdark (link) shows that crafting is done by controlling a red floating block that decides where the new chunk is being placed and dragging this block allows you to shape the outcome of the structure. The game also features a cartoony (almost like wind waker) cell shaded style. The game itself is pre-alpha and looks great but in order for the developers to create this game they need to meet the production cost goal of 20,000 dollars. 






Here is a list of what you get for donating to this kickstarter

-$10 will get you a registered copy of the game and you will have access to it through production just like minecraft.

-$100 (in addition to the above) will get you a Project Notebook — a hardback book which contains misc formulas, notes, sketches, etc– signed by the author.

-$500 (in addition to the above) will get you a custom text statement that will be shown to the user when the game starts. Text will show up one tenth of the time randomly after the game has loaded. Text must not be vulgar and www. addresses will not be permitted.

-$1,000 gets you corporate sponsorship. Your corporate logo will be displayed while the game is loading and the size of your logo will be based on your pledge amount.

-$1,500 will get the creator a new computer and along with that you get a nice warm fuzzy feeling knowing you helped.


I'm not asking you to go donate your money but I think that this game has potential.


-Christian "Space doesnt give a ****" Spring


Kickstarter: Lords of Uberdark Page

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