The Role of PLAYXPERT and gamerDNA

Posted by admin on Tuesday Jul 19, 2011.

I’m sure there are questions, we have answers:, while sharing the same name as gamerDNA Media, is under the management and operation of PLAYXPERT .


The press release about this was distributed here . While gamerDNA Media manages and operates all of the advertising on, the engineering, community, and development of the service is entirely managed and operated by PLAYXPERT and will continue to be despite the recent news about Live Gamer acquiring gamerDNA Media.


PLAYXPERT was thrilled to bring gamerDNA under our operation and we’ve been happy to work with gamerDNA Media as an advertising partner. Further, we’re excited about gamerDNA Media’s new owners – Live Gamer. We wanted to comment on this as it’s been an open question for many in our community. Expect some really exciting things from PLAYXPERT and gamerDNA in the coming months, we have some exciting plans! Stay Tuned.

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