Daily Game: Mortal Kombat

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Monday Jul 25, 2011.

Mortal Kombat  is considered one of the best, and most revolutionary fighters OF ALL TIME!! It was a true gem in the gaming world because at the time of it's creation, there were only Street Fighter and it's clones. The gameplay was considered brutal and it was a game your parents were disgusted to watch (the best kind). This was the origin of one of the largest fighting game series in history, but is as fun to play as any of it's children.


As I am sure you are aware, this game is a side scrolling fighter that is completely PVP and PVC. Most of the characters play very similar and in Scorpion/Sub Zero/Reptile's case look similar. Everyone's moves are essentially the same with few exceptions, that is of course counting out Mortal Kombat's famous fatalities. Fatalities are finishers you can do to a downed opponent to brutally kill them. These are often times funny and very gory (Sub Zero's fatality is ripping out someone's spine by grabbing their skull), and leave you feeling great that you nailed the button combination once you have achieved it. 


Overall the game is just fun. Simple awesome fun. I know that it has definitely been the star of some of my parties. 

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