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Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Monday Jul 25, 2011.


     The concept of Halo Anniversary is really excited for classic halo fans like me, allowing us to get that experience and feeling that we got from playing Halo Combat Evolved. With 343 Industries adopting Halo from Bungie, I am a little worried that Halo will not feel the same as it does from Bungie, but at least I know that even though 343 is working on Anniversary it will still be the same as classic Bungie Halo CE.


      In a video on Halo Waypoint, Executive Producer Dan Ayoub explains some of the juicy details coming out of Anniversary.


     The game of Halo Anniversary looks like CE on steroids, with a complete graphics overhaul with an all new graphics engine. The game play exactly like Halo CE — "This game needed to play exactly how it did 10 years ago." said Dan. "This is the game that launched a generation of shooters, we had to make sure that that feeling was identical to the experience everyone remembered 10 years ago."



Dan assures us that this is Halo CE and calls it "a gift to the fans".


     The really cool thing about Halo Anniversary is that its cooperatively running with 2 engines a once, a new graphics engine and the old Halo CE engine. In order to make sure that the game not only looked like Halo CE, but also played like it, most of the code from CE is still there, running the game and playing it just how we remembered it.


     The game has a feature called Classic Mode, where with the press of a button you can switch from sexy new Halo to nostalgic old Halo, its really a cool addition onto the game that will allow people who missed Halo CE to experience it exactly as before. All of this is done instantly in the game real time so you don't need to worry about backing out to menus to turn to classic mode.



     Dan make it clear how much Halo CE this game really is, even our favorite overpowered, face-pounding Magnum is just like it was in CE.


At the end Dan promises that there is still a lot more features to be announced, I'll keep my eyes peeled.


Christian "G+' Spring


Halo Waypoint

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