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Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Monday Jul 25, 2011.

James Bond: Golden Eye, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Halo, Star Fox 64, Cave Story, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Super Mario 64, Perfect Dark, Pokemon Silver or Gold…what do all of these titles have in common? They have all been, or are being re-made into titles for current gen consoles. A lot of the time these remakes are just a polished re-cut gem. They were once priceless to you, but over time they grew less and less and eventually you just stopped playing them despite how much enjoyment they bring you. It's the job of the people who re-create games to spit shine it up, add some more content, and feed the nostalgic dragon lurking inside your dungeon of a heart. Now this actually isn't a bad thing, I personally love picking up old games and playing them (look at my daily game posts), it's just fun. Plain and simple. 


Now, since we have established my love for old games, and sat down and had a touching moment of remembrance together as our favorite games passed before our eyes in a string of fuzzy yet familiar memories and left us with a warm tingling happiness in our chest, let's think about some games that SHOULD be re-made.


1. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It seems that Nintendo likes to re-do their popular titles and this game is ever deserving of it. The plot line of this game was pretty superb (better than OoT in my opinion) and the Master Sword could shoot lasers when you were at full health. I would be overjoyed if there would be a 3D rendition of the game. Imagine that wonderful story and fun, open ended, and somewhat difficult gameplay, and making it a 3rd person title with the extreme graphics of Twilight Princess. That game would be sheer gold.


2. Metroid: We are talking about a re-mix of the original side-scrolling awesomeness. This is a game that would be epic to keep as a side-scroller, but render the entire game in a 3D format. This would be similar to the new Mario and Donkey Kong titles. It kind of just seems to fit in the current titles being re-created non?


3. Star Wars: Obi Wan: Forget force unleashed, Darth Vader's apprentice is a girly man. Let's play as the famous space general/all over good guy during his padawan years. This time the graphics will be epic!!! Maybe they could make it into a little bit more fluid of a game too..


4. Pokemon Yellow: This was pretty much the best Pokemon game of all time as it ties directly in with the characters we grew to love in the T.V. show, but it just didn't get the attention that Red and Silver did. Why??? Why make a Fire Red version or a Soul Silver version when you could remake yellow? The game would be freaking fantastic, like twenty times better than the other re-makes done. 

These are just a few titles that I think would be definitely worth re-creating. I'm sure the list of all the possible titles are nearly endless, but these would be some guaranteed buys for me. 

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