War Inc. The Contest.

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Monday Jul 25, 2011.

Ya'll should check out our friend Xfire within the next 3 days and enter their War Inc. contest. 

War Inc. is a fairly fun to play third person shooter that is completely PVP or PVC. You can level up and have a few classes to play as, my favorite being the sniper. The way that you acquire new weapons is through a rent type of system. Basically you rent the item for however much you want to pay, or pay a hefty fine to keep it. That's a little annoying, but the game itself is actually pretty worth it especially considering the fact that it is free.


If you do play in this contest you can win a $700 dollar graphic card and 2500 game dollars, second place gets a $350 game card and 2000 game dollars. That's some pretty cool stuff so it's definitely worth a shot.


Thanks Xfire for the chance to win such kick A prizes. 

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