Deus Ex Finished Early

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011.



     Today Square Enix announced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution's development is complete! Now you can get your hands on it in the previously announced date of August 23rd in North America and the 26th of the same month for Europe.


     Deus Ex will be available in 2 versions; the normal and a special edition called Augmented Edition. Augmented addition (along with the game) will include a 40 page art book, a behind the scenes DVD, and a motion comic bonus disc. Players who preorder their Deus Ex will get a new mission featuring cameo from the original Deus Ex protagonist JC. The preorder also comes with some in-game toys such as a grenade launcher, explosives, and an automatic lock pick.


-Christian "G+" Spring


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