MXP/PXP life…Howzit?

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011.

Random guy, “hey Colton, how do you like working at playxpert? I bet working on computers all day is boring as all heck!” Me, “well now random guy, it’s time I taught you a lesson in awesomeness.” Working at playxpert/metaxpert is literally the best job I have ever had, and I wish that I could have worked here sooner. To get an idea at the sheer supreme fun that is here, let me tell you about my average day.


First, I drive into town to go to my job and get to park at the beach that is maybe a block away, I then walk across a bridge that spans across a river that is parallel with our lake. Basically I have a beautiful walk on my way in. If I look behind me there is construction work going on for the new bypass, however it is not ugly and actually looks like a structure being built in Minecraft (seriously, there are lots of blocks made of dirt with grass on top). At this point I am about to walk into a very pretty looking building.


At the top of this building is where my office is located, but taking the stairs isn’t a killer because it’s only like three flights. When I get to actually office area, there is usually only one other person there who is working. I set down my stuff and turn on my personal lap top and my work computer. If I am early in the morning I will play one of the many games I have downloaded to my computer such as Team Fortress 2 or Shattered Horizon, and if any co workers are here…..THEY WILL JOIN ME! As we shoot eachother down we crack jokes, make nerd references (do a barrel roll!) -+- (ARWING!!), and talk about what the work day might look like today.


When the clock strikes 8, it is time for everyone to start working. This is when I start searching our newsfeeds and game sites for any possible news articles that I can blog about for GDNA. If there is nothing that is sticking out to me, I will write one based on my opinions on gaming, or I will do a Daily Game post. Daily Games are actually really fun for me because I get to sit there and be nostalgic of my favorite old games….good memories, very good. Once I am done with my first article I will do any multitude of fun things such as helping maintain a website, or writing pages with HTML and PHP and I am shown support from everyone here despite the fact that I am just learning. Over the span of the day I usually do all of my jobs while also keeping an active dialogue with my fellow co-workers about either gaming, or computer related talk.


I usually take lunch at about 11:40 or 12:00 and I get an hour. Since the workplace is in Sandpoint, I am walking distance from about 10 high quality restaurants that all have different themes, so I have a lot of great food to choose from. Also, during lunch is a good time to catch up on missed work and lost game play time. After lunch, my day goes just about like the first half of it and I go home.


On fridays however, we have an awesome thing called Friday Tea. At the Tea we basically all meet up and talk about what happened during the week and what should be happening next week, after the super serious stuff we often times will watch a funny Youtube video or talk amongst  ourselves. After Tea time is officially over though, it is not uncommon to engage in some PVP among fellow co-workers and even our CEO.


Essentially, this is the best job ever. We have lots of challenging work, yes, but this is honestly one of the most supportive and friendly work environments ever. I’m a huge gamer and this place tailors to that, but it also is welcome to really anyone as long as you work hard. This is a very socially accepting environment. I am in love with it’s structure and I think I have some of the best bosses in the world.


That is my answer to your silly question random guy.

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