My Experience Interning at MetaXpert

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011.



     I had always had a love for the gaming industry and have been a member of its communities for as long as I can remember, but coming out of high school I found myself asking "What the heck do I do now?" Luckily before I was too lost, I grabbed an intern position down here at MetaXpert. Coming into the industry I was exposed to a lot of new things and was put on many different tasks varying in community work, development, and some coding and scripting. I've learned a lot since I started and I've made new friends as well, I have some amazing coworkers who are productive and very unique individuals that make each day enjoyable. The office is pleasant to work in and no matter how many new additions we get to the team everyone is very connected and helpful to each other. This makes the work community seem like a loving family were people will go out of their way to help you solve problems and learn from your mistakes and successes.


I love the experience I have had so far and can't wait to see what the future holds for me.


-Christian "G+" Spring

Posted in the categories: Behind the Scenes, gamerDNA Life


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