From Dust….A Game That Seems Well Worth Owning.

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Tuesday Aug 2, 2011.

From Dust is a game that has caught my attention and intrigued me since the get go with it's graphics alone. Overtime I began to watch for demos and trailers hoping to get a glimpse of what I was so excited about. The truth is I was both surprised and delighted at the direction and the content the designers had decided to put out there. 


In the game you are "god". We all know this has already been done quite successfully in the past and I'm sure you are wondering "what makes this game any different?" I'll tell you what is different…first off, the game has enough of a purpose that you can't just free mode it all the time. There is a strategy element to the game that forces you to act quick and efficiently to save the tribe of people that are at your disposal, and to make sure that you don't just dispose of them, the people in the game can impact the environment, make choices, and are directly effected by your decisions. Basically you can grow to like them and it will make you feel a whole lot worse when you watch them all drown in a tsunami. Additionally, the game plays like an RPG on some levels. Your decisions in the game effect the way you play the game and how people like you. This allows you to be a benevolent savior or a malicious deity to the poor village personnel…will you control them with compassion or fear? The choice is yours. In fact every single thing in the game with the exception of natural disasters is controlled by you. 


Overall the game looks beautiful and it seems to be a game that is worth pre-ordering. I already have. Oh yeah and if you pre-order through Steam, you get a free hat that looks really freaking cool. Just saying. 

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