Video game content….isn’t it everywhere?

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Tuesday Aug 2, 2011.

We all have heard a story about how violence in video games is destroying our youth and corrupting the minds of people turning them into mindless violent war mongers with a thirst for human blood and a stomach for homosapian sweetbreads (we're on to you Umbrella Co.), but does that really happen? The obvious answer is no….duh, but some people seem to believe that this is true. I enjoy keeping up on current events, and that has caused me to see some pretty stupid "news." 


One story I saw talked about how the PSP can be used to look up porn and has been given the name Play Station Pornable…okay fair enough I guess that you could do that with literally any device that has connection to the internet though…the funny thing was, when they were showing how easy it was to connect to porn they also threw in some white supremist and kkk sites. So it was like porn, kkk, porn, nazi, porn. If that isn't stupid I don't know what is. DON'T BUY YOUR KID A PSP OR HE'LL BECOME A PORN ADDICTED NAZI!!!!!


The second story in question was one that talked about how the Nintendo DS makes child molesters able to find your children. My personal favorite quote: "You could be driving down the road and your child could be playing the DS, a child molester notices that he/she is playing and pulls out his. Your child and the molester then begin talking via pictochat and he finds out all of the information of where you live. You and your kids are at risk." So I guess child molesters can pictochat and drive at the same time, and are on the prowl while driving just to do that…stupid. (Thank you Fox News for sucking at producing decent stories that actually mean something. It's sad to see people eat your crappy stories like cake)


These stories fit in the same category as the violent video game ones. They are all lies, and based off of some biased dill hole's loaded opinion. Once the topic has been chosen that same jerk goes out and find other jerks who share his views and they create crack pot experiments and biased statistics. Then you turn on the news and they feed their "facts" to you on a silver spoon…once you bite into the sugar covered snack you quickly discover that it is not creme filled. It is full of crap. That being said, some people think it's chocolate (mmm yes I'll have a little more…I like the heavy taste at the back of my mouth) and they are what I like to call IGNORANT and stupid. 


After news stations have finished going off about how violent and terrible video games are, they then show a clip of a building blowing up and dead people littering the ground. There is blood everywhere and you can here screams of agony and terror, a news reporter stands by and talks about how terrible this tragedy was, and we sit there and watch people die while he/ stands there and looks pretty. 


So here is the truth….violence, crime, and death are everywhere. People are always looking for a place to point fingers, but I need to remind you…some of the most violent acts in history have been done before there was ever any video games. Also, violence and violent games will always be here even if you try to limit them, and limiting one will not kill the other at all. If you really want to do something, maintain a healthy relationship with your family and make sure they know right from wrong. Stop looking for scapegoats and just deal with it. 

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