Daily Game: Breath of Death VII

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Tuesday Aug 9, 2011.

If you've ever played a classic RPG, you will love this game. It is pretty much every single RPG you have ever played, rolled up into one sarcastically funny game. It is a turn based fighting game (of course) and has some kind of silly things you need to look for. One thing is if you are trying to just skip through leveling up, you'll actually find yourself at a little bit more of a disadvantage than if you paid attention. For example, when you level up you are given two options of what skills you want to raise or ability learn, BUT a lot of the time they will say something like 12×5 hits for -10 mana or 14×4 for -10 mana and if you aren't paying attention you will probably go with with the one that seems to do more damage. If you think about it though, you'll notice that the first option does 60 damage and the second 56. 


This game is a parody RPG, so obviously it pokes fun at the genre. It is actually a pretty funny game, and well worth the 3 dollars combined with Chutlu Saves the World (another fun game.) on Steam.

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