Diablo III…..I think we all need it.

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Wednesday Aug 10, 2011.

This game has no official release date as of yet, but open beta is starting soon…..WHAT A TEASE!! The shape of the final game will be greatly influenced by beta user feedback, and although it isn't the full game it promises to be fun stuff. The game is already appealing due to it's pretty graphics and interesting playstyle, but what really sold me were the diverse and interesting classes available. For once I actually wanted to try all of them with the exception of the Wizard ( I have never liked using magic, it feels kind of cheap.). The classes are as follows:


1. Demon Hunter: these guys wield dual crossbows, grenades, and use fire to quell their enemies. Pretty much really cool.


2. Monk: this class uses their entire body as a weapon, but can also wield some unconventional weapons. 


3. Witch Doctor: they just seem epic. They attack by possession and summon deadly curses. They seem to be the most evil good of them all.


4. Wizard: they attack with magic. yay


5. Barbarian: they are the "tanks" of the game. They have heavy attacks and a large h.p. pool.


The class I am most excited to try is definitely the Witch Doctor, they just seem like the most new and inventive class. In addition to this, they seem like they are so unpredictable that they could be an awesome wildcard asset to any team. 


As a closing statement I would just like to say that Blizzard should really get on this….I think we all need it to just be released. 

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