Put down your gun son.

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Wednesday Aug 10, 2011.

So recently I did a lot of "soul searching" while thinking about video games, and I realized that I honestly am not a huge fan of shooters (with the exception of TF2 of course). I like the option of gun usage in a game, but aren't we all getting at least a little tired of FPSs'? Haven't we shot enough aliens, nazis, and commies? I have played my share of FPS titles since Golden Eye and although they have improved this or that they just seem to be the same. 


Maybe this is because I am a raving fan of customization and options. I like having gear, weapons, and playstyle that are completely my own. Even in the more modern shooters that allow customization you really aren't doing that much. The gun will still shoot bullets, and those bullets will always act the same way no matter what. The enemy you're fighting has about the same amount of enhancement as you, and he will always shoot bullets back at you until he is incapacitated. All of the people you kill and play against will look generally the same, and the game will more than likely be very linear and occasionally rails like. Multiplayer will ultimately be more non linear and difficult singleplayer mode, where everyone looks(brink is a definite exception) and acts the same until someone wins.




Wouldn't your favorite FPS game be at least a little better if it was based on more than just shooting and killing everyone that moves? What about if there were thousands of different abilities that were all different and had different effects? Imagine how much more talented you would have to be at a game if someone could raise their own dead bodies for decoys or a zombie type effect on the field. You would be frantically searching for the correct person to kill while they hunted you down no problem. To counter them you could use conjure up a giant monster to begin eliminating the duplicates, all while you searched tried to search out the true enemy in the crowd. You could have up to twenty different abilities equipped on your character at once ranging from attack, buff, health, and support areas. 


The options would become nearly infinite as you mixed and matched hundreds of thousands of different armor, weaponry, and abilities choices into a character that was tailor fit to you. In addition to allowing the in depth customization options, you could also mix in elements of the FPS such as randomly spawned weapons (guns, grenades, melee) that could be dropped when you die(obviously you wouldn't drop a primary). You could carry two of these allowing for people to carry the same amount of weaponry as you typically do in an FPS and dual wield functionality. 


To reduce on everybody looking the same, there could be very deep and personal character customization options. This would allow for your character and others to stand out and be something noticeable and recognizable (or not if you read me) on the battlefield. The option to bring a knife to a gunfight and still be a contender has always been an appeal to people who play, and I believe that allowing all weapons to have equal pros and cons would allow for the medieval sorcerer and masterchief-esque space marine to duke it out and have the skills of the individual player based on how fluid they were with their heavily customized character be what carried the battle instead of lucky 1 finding the rocket and unlucky 2 getting blown to smithereens without ever getting a chance to even see him. (although if it happened due to a well placed sniper/archer then too bad so sad.) 


The more variables and options there are in a game, the more you have to think and the more your true character shines through. The character you control should represent you as the controller, and I believe that if there ever was a game that was created like this people would line up to get it for weeks. 


Just and opinion though. 

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