StarCraft II Mouse Giveaway version 2

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Friday Aug 12, 2011.


There have been a few rule changes regarding the StarCraft II Razer Spectre Mouse Giveaway to make things easier on you users. The new rules are as follows:








1. You must build a gamerDNA helix in game and take a screenshot of it (see title for gamerDNA helix example, or click anywhere you see “helix” in this post.)

2. You then must upload that screenshot to the StarCraft II gamepage on gamerDNA

3. Get people to vote for your screenshot

4. The screenshot with the most noms (votes) wins.

5. Contest ends Saturday, September 10th, 2011 @ midnight PST

Picture upload help:



1. Log in to your gamerDNA account and navigate your mouse to the top of the page

2. Let your mouse hover over (don't click) the widget that has the gamerDNA helix with a wrench on the inside

3. Navigate your mouse down to the fourth option titled Your Images, and click on the add new option

4. On the image upload screen click the option "choose file" and find your screenshot in your computer

5. Once the screenshot has uploaded you should change the title to your username's helix, for example: Coltroniandinorider's helix

6. Image description is not needed

7. You will then associate your screenshot with StarCraft II titled "StarCraft 2 (PC-MAC)" using the "associate this image with a game" search bar

8. Note that the StarCraft 2 (PC-MAC) is the ONLY page that pictures can be uploaded to and voted on

The mouse has:

1. 1000 Hz Ultrapolling

2. APM Lighting System 

3. 5600dpi Razer Precision 

4. Hyperesponse Buttons

5. Scroll Wheel w/24 different click positions

6. 7ft lightweight non tangle braided USB cable

7. Button Force Switch

8. Ultra large non slip buttons

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